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    SQ5 How many miles to a full tank

    Morning everyone,I’ve placed a deposit on a 68reg sq5 & picking it up nextweek…the dealer(Tyneside Audi) is going to give me a full tank,I’m 300ish miles away…due to the fuel crisis,do you think I have enough fuel to get home? Cheers Danny
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    1/4 mile race

    What the chances of the s4 with full bolt ons & remap vs bmw e92 (n54)335i with full bolt ons & map,the bimmer is running around 450bhp & similiar torque
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    Used 13-14 reg s4 discounts

    Seen a few s4's on the dealer websites which I like & are around 29-31k..what type of discounts can be had on used 13-14 reg s4's,I won't be doing finance
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    Used s3 saloon discounts

    I've seen a few s3 saloon's at the dealers websites that I like & within my budget (33-34k)how much do you think I can get on not doing finance,just buying it all in one go
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    S3 stronic saloon or s4 b8.5 stronic

    im still deciding on which one to buy...which one will be quicker in acceleration down the 1/4mile S4 with pulley,exhaust,intake & Map Or S3 saloon with all bolt ons & map Both s-tronic
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    RNS-E satnav

    Had a look at a rs3 a few weeks ago at a main dealer..impressed with the build quality & find the normal seats quite good,but don't like the rns-e's really dated & it ain't touchscreen..find that my Vw rns510 much better..anyone swapped there satnav for a aftermarket one?didnt get to...
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    Door handle lights

    Is this option avalible or can it be retro fitted??
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    Modding the rs3

    Don't see many on here???is it because most are still in the warranty period?
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    Rs3 options

    Hi all,just wondering are auto lights & folding mirrors standard with the rs3 or its a option?if no,can it be retro-fitted & hiw much it costs? cheers
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    Looking to buy rs3

    Hi boys & girls...might be in a position to buy a rs3 in July depending if the price of them will drop to low30s what's your predictions on prices after 6months from now.. cheers