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    Drive System failure after Alternator recall

    I recently had my A4 in for the 27h Alternator starter recall. After picking the car up I am getting srive failiure messages when the auto stop/start becomes active the only way to stop this is to disable the auto/stop. Fault code is P065C00, the stealer says there is an Audi Technical bullitin...
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    Well the next A4 is being ruined with electrification

    So it looks like that my current A4 will be my last as Audi are going down the blasted electrification route for the next model cycle. Looks like the next car is a Golf R. I a glad that I am...
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    Facelift missing Spare wheel and tyre woes

    In March, i went from a 190 Diesel to a TFsi40 Petrol Avant Black edition. I got a very good deal on ite but I must admit I was a little irritated at some of the blatent cost cutting that took place. The missing Spare wheel was one of them, I figured I will buy one to keep in the garage. Since...
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    2020 A4 cost cutting

    I went into the stealer yesterday to have a look at an S4 they have on display, not sure if I should cancel my black line 40TFSI Avant order, but I am on the fence if I should go to Petrol after several diesel cars like my current very early B9 A4 TDI. So far i can see that there are no more SD...
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    Sd card not possible in New A4

    Can somebody clear something up for me, does the new 2020 A4 still have an SD card slot ?
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    45E3 Service Campaign

    Just got a notice for a recall or product enhancement if you prefer. Software for ESP enhancement, Instrument Cluster, ECU door control unit Fitting of stone deflectors to the rear axle modification to boot lid electronic drive to protect wiring loom Modification to Airbag warning light I have...
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    Iphone wireless sleeve now available

    I have the tech pack with the useless to me wireless charging as I have an iPhone 6. I noticed that Audi have now released a wireless charging sleeve, looks terrible but somebody might be interested R