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  1. Damo S

    S3 sometimes under performing in colder weather

    Anyone else have this? When its hot outside the car is fine and consistent, but now its got colder it feels a little flat to start with (once oil is up to temp) but after Ive ragged it a few times or its been running for a good 20 mins or so then it seems to sort itself out. Boost pressure is...
  2. Damo S

    Basic sound system upgrade (tweeters and rear speakers?)

    Hi All, Going to book in with DJalix soon for the Audi sound system upgrade (including the door speakers). Has anyone upgraded the tweeters too (since they sound a little dull) or the rear speakers? For the tweeters I'm assuming it's a potential pain given there is also an airbag located...
  3. Damo S

    S3: Racing cat and downpipe?

    My S3 is stage 2 tune (fmic, intake, remap) but the exhaust side is completely stock. Would it be worth putting in a miltek racing cat and downpipe to help it flow a bit better at higher rpm? (but keep the rest of the exhaust standard). I don't really want to do the exhaust as well because its...
  4. Damo S

    S3 feels a bit flat after service

    Since having a service my car feels a bit flat. It has stage 2 remap but to me it doesnt feel like Im getting that midrange torque shunt that it did before. No fault codes or misfires, and its still boosting to the same it did after the remap (22.5psi) according to torque pro. They changed the...
  5. Damo S

    Rear propshaft coupling (donut) S3 8V

    Whilst replacing the Haldex pump the garage noticed that the donut (rear prop shaft vibration damper coupling) is starting to fall apart. Are there any uprated options for these or will i have to bite the bullet and fit a stock replacement (not cheap)?
  6. Damo S

    S3 Twitchy at high speed

    I know this is a bit of a known issue Im wondering if anyone has any solutions to the tramlining and general twitchyness at speed. Having the tracking corrected did fix it to an extent but its still unnerving on poorer quality roads and at speed. My old 3.2 quattro felt the same on the road at...
  7. Damo S

    S3 brake pads rattling...

    Argh its so annoying. The garage who I've used for 20 years serviced the S3 over a month ago, part of which they strip clean and reassemble the brakes (they have always done this as part of a service). Soon after I noticed there was a knocking noise from the front when going over certain bumps...
  8. Damo S

    Post remap...

    With the warranty finished I took the plunge (and the risks to go with it) and went to MRC for a remap. Results: 394ps, 531nm (389bhp, 391lbs in numbers I understand). Hardware: Revo uprated intercooler OEM intake mod Turbo technics inlet pipe Sachs clutch A bit more than I thought it would...
  9. Damo S

    S3 intake / turbo elbow

    Are there any cheaper options for an uprated intake hose / turbo elbow than the revo or turbo technics ones which both come out at about 220 quid inc vat? this is to run from the stock airbox (with no snow grate and pipercross panel filter)
  10. Damo S

    Range rover sport

    Damn those things are fast for such a big lump. From 50 to 100 (kms, officer) he was actually pulling away from me a little bit.
  11. Damo S

    Manual S3. How long has your original clutch lasted?

    I'm just curious what everyone else's experiences has been. Mine failed at 25k miles
  12. Damo S

    S3 owners, a favour please...

    Would someone be kind enough to pop their oil filler cap off and take a close up photo of the entrance please? Ideally with something like a ruler next to it for scale. Im trying to work out if its possible for a 25mm long bolt with a 10mm diameter head to get in through the hole. thanks in advance
  13. Damo S

    A5 style blue neon ambient lighting

    I have to admit to really liking the ambient lighting in this courtesey A5 Im currently driving. It provides a little bit of visibility inside the car without ruining ones night vision. Do the FL S3s have this? Was it an option? If so could it be retrofitted to a 2014 plate S3?
  14. Damo S

    S3 coolant temp?

    Does anyone know what the normal running temperature of the coolant is meant to be? I always though it was about 90C but perhaps these modern cars are different. Lack of temp gauge is most annoying, and I believe my recent running problem may be coolant temp related i.e. the rad thermostat is...
  15. Damo S

    S3 8V backing off a bit on full boost

    Hi All, I posted about this a month or so ago with my car being a bit intermittent regarding backing off a bit when on full power. It was doing it quite a bit again this morning, and I noticed for the first time that when it does this the boost gauge drops down to 7 lights on rather than 8. Ive...
  16. Damo S

    Black boxes (telematics) and insurance

    This is just my experience with them, which may or may not be useful to people in future: So last December we bought a car for my daughter to drive since she just passed her test. We took out a telematics policy with O2 drive as it seemed a fairly decent deal (just under 1200 for the year)...
  17. Damo S

    2015 S3 down on fuel and power

    The last week or so I notice my car is down on fuel, probably by over 10% given like for like driving (getting low 30s at speeds that were previously giving high 30s or 40). I've also noticed that it feels a bit down on power as well, not all the time and driving it hard for a period does seem...
  18. Damo S

    S3 8V boost pressure / mappings

    Does the ECU limit the boost a bit in 1st and 2nd gear? Toyota use to do this on the old GT4s (st185 version limited boost my a few psi in 1st and 2nd, st205 model limited boost by 5 psi in 1st gear only). The reason I ask is that to me 3rd gear feels just as quick as 2nd, and I find that 1st...
  19. Damo S

    Modded S3 insurance

    It's coming up to renewal time and whilst my car is standard right now I will be modding it fairly soon. Any tips on mod friendly insurers? is it only the usual suspects (Adrian Flux, LV, etc) or are there some others who might be not too expensive My plan will be more or less stage 2 and I...
  20. Damo S

    S3 intercooler restricted airflow

    I've definitely noticed during the warmer weather that the car does back the power off under load sometimes (seen in other threads that this is a common problem, along with heat soak). I cant help think that the position of the number plate is a design flaw, especially that pretty looking silver...