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    Changing the temp sensor on A3 2.0TFSI 2007

    Hi all, As title really - is it a fairly easy job to change the temperature sensor on the right hand side of the engine block? Have done research and got a price of £42 for parts from Audi and was hoping the fitting may be doable by a non mechanic like myself. Thanks.
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    Turbo actuator rod rattles

    Been reading about actuator rod rattles and a few of the you tube clips resemble the noise/rattle coming from mine when decelerating. Found clips showing the installation of a metal clip which then stops the rattle. Has anyone tried this? Maybe it's just for VW's although same engine...
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    Down pipe on A3 2.0TFSI 2007

    Hi all, My down pipe has started to make a small annoying noise when I decelerate. Just as the revs stop there if a flutter type noise. Sticking head in engine tells me the flexi part of my down pipe is at fault. Never used to do it so broken I would say. Now I could live with the noise if it...
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    Milltek now do cat back resonated but with smaller back box

    As title - has anyone got one? Milltek say it is louder than cat back res version but not as loud as cat back non res. kind of in between. Sounds ideal but has anyone heard one? Thanks
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    REVO SPS Select Plus Fine Tune Tuning module

    Hi all, Have many / any of you got the above Revo unit? Guess more popular on the S3 but would it be useful on A3 2.0 TFSI? thanks Kevin
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    GFB DV+ diverter valve - worth having?

    Considering this DV for my A3 2.0 TFSI 2007 S-line. Are they worth the £99 or should I just go for the cheaper rev D type? thanks.
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    Steering wheel question - sorry

    Hi, I know we love these sort of questions but could really do with an answer please. Will a steering wheel with the number 8K0419091CN fit my A3 s-line 2007? Do not currently have mfsw on my existing "round" wheel so would be nice if the buttons worked on the replacement but not a major issue...
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    Repro alloys

    Guys hi, Are repro alloys generally of a good enough quality to buy instead of oem ones? I guess you get good and bad. Would anyone definitely not use under any circumstances? Thanks.
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    Flat bottom sw for my s-line - attention NHN

    Hi NHN - sent you a pm asking to see if you can help me with this. Did you get it? Thanks, Kevin
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    Factory tour at Ingolstadt

    I know this gets mentioned once in a while but I wondered if anyone had made the trip recently? Was it an easy drive? Route taken? That sort of thing. Anyone help? Thanks.