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  1. royjk

    Audi Sat Nav DVD

    Try HazzyDayz they are doing them with the speed cameras on the disc
  2. royjk

    RNS-E PDF?

    Hi Daz If it is not to much trouble could you please email me a copy also. Thanks Roy
  3. royjk

    2011 Navigation Disc from UV Worldwide

    Try HazzyDayz they will supply them with the speed cameras on for around £25
  4. royjk

    RNS-E Mk2 Instruction Manual

    Nothing special, just that I have just upgraded my Mk1 to a Mk2 & I wanted to update the instruction manual as well.
  5. royjk

    RNS-E Mk2 Instruction Manual

    Thanks but that is for a Mk1 RNS-E
  6. royjk

    RNS-E Mk2 Instruction Manual

    Hi Wondering if by any chance anybody got an Instruction Manual for the Mk2 RNS-E in pdf or know where I can get one. Or even buy a new one. My Audi tells me that they are not available to buy. Thanks Roy
  7. royjk


    Well they didn't cater for the A3 Cabrio in the forum so I see no reason why the Q3 should be catered for.
  8. royjk

    Continental SportContact 2's - only 10k

    Had the same problem, only 10000 from Conti Sport 2 so switched to Conti Sport 3 now get between 14000-16000
  9. royjk

    how useless are audi really?? well annoyed

    Well all I can say is that some of you must be using very crapy Audi dealers as mine are very good with nothing to much troble & great service. eg. had to have a new hood fitted as soon as soon as Audi Germany had resolved the problem with some A3 hoods my dealer called me & arranged a new hood...
  10. royjk

    S3 Factory Fit Sat Nav- Cleaning the screen??

    Done mine using Diplex comes off very easy, took about 20 mins, looks much better.
  11. royjk

    Why isn't there an A1 section?

    Not much chance, they havent got one for the A3 Cabrio after being on sale for two years.
  12. royjk

    Switching Xenons for driving on the right

    I go to France twice a year so have the same problem. My local Audi garage charge £50 for this service & takes them about 5 mins, understand the new A3's you can do yourself.
  13. royjk


    yep used them loads of times for various upgrades. Highly recomend
  14. royjk

    Car won't unlock using unlock button on key / key won't start car!!

    Had exactly the same thing with a kufatec multimedia adapter fitted , was resolved by having it rewired so the power was being taken from the RNSE unit so when the RNSE unit shut down after 10-15 min it automaticaly powered down the Kufatec unit.
  15. royjk

    2008 facelift a3/s3 brochure request

    Got one for the A3 Cab Sline
  16. royjk

    A3 Hood

    I beleive Audi had been replacing the hoods up to the begining of this year but then Audi Germany instructed Audi UK to stop hood replacement until they had resolved the problem. It seems as it is only in the past few weeks that they have again sanctioned replacement hoods. One can only presume...
  17. royjk

    A3 Hood

    Firstly sub39h is not worth a reply. Basicaly there were a number A3 cabs throught europe that had a problem with the hood wearing, the hood looks as if it was about 20 years old, there are a number of spots where the outer layer has worn down to the second layer & it as also has become very...
  18. royjk

    A3 Hood

    Well it seems Audi Germany has at long last resolved the problem with wear on the hood of the A3 Cabrio. I have been waiting for over nine months for my car to be recalled to have a new hood fitted, job being done when I return from my hols at end of Sept.:applaus:
  19. royjk

    How much is your insurance??

    £244 per year with protected claims cover-legal-drive abroad & a few other bits & pieces.