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    2015 BE+ Front Bumper Missing Paint

    Hey All Was giving my car a polish today and noticed that I have a really poorly painted front bumper down near where the splitter part of the bumper meets the main front of the bumper on my 4 month old BE+ Has anyone else had a similar issue?? Going to nip to Audi this week and see about...
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    A1 SE DIS

    Folks A1 SE. Is it possible to enable mpg / basic DIS like functions on this display Using vcds or any other means?
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    2015 A5 BE+ Coupe Fog Light & Reverse Light

    Hi Can you quote me for replacement fog lamp bulbs (to match colour of DRLs) And also replacement reverse light bulbs to make LED / Brighter. Postage to UK Thank you :)
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    2012 A3 TDI 170- First Service / Oil Change

    Hi All, My 2012 A3 2.0 TDI 170 has flashed up saying it is due its first Oil change (19k Miles) and now it has just flashed up saying it needs its first service (19.5k Miles). Are these two things one in the same for the car? The car isn't 2 years old yet.. another 6 months to go in that...
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    Aberdeen(shire) Meet

    Hi All, As title above suggests; We haven't had a specific one for a while. Wondered if anyone fancied gathering around and getting something off the ground? Open to suggestions Marc
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    Aberdeen - July 2013 Meet

    Hi All, Do we have anything planned for July for Aberdeen? We are seeing some cracking weather again! I miss my old Ford Meet days :( and my current A3 hasn't really seen me attend much in the way of any planned Audi car meets. Pleased to hear of anything or any ideas. Marc
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    S3 8P Passenger Side Headlamp Wash

    Hi all, During the harsh winter :( My Headlamp washers froze, and of course when I tried to spray Ice had formed around the nozzles. As a result the inners for the nozzle came flinging out :( bounced off the windscreen and were lost for ever. Now when I spray my headlamp washers I get spray...
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    S3 Seat Base - Replacement Leather

    Hello Has anyone done this? My Drivers Seat base has got a bit worn, and I'd like to replace the seat cover with the one as seen here: AUDI A3 FRONT LEATHER SEAT BASE COVER - 8P0 881 405 BM | eBay Has anyone tackled this before? Any tips / guidance?
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    VAG.COM USB CAN Lead For Sale (As used on my A3)

    As Title Says...
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    VAG.COM USB CAN Lead For Sale

    Genuine Ross-Tech USB Lead For Sale
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    A3/S3 Bluetooth retrofit kit for sale

    Hi Guys I have just sold my 57 Plate A3 - and I have taken out the phone kit I retrofitted to it. Its up for grabs if anyone wants it - it comes with the wiring loom to connect it to the RNS-E DVD Sat nav unit - but you can buy new wiring for around 40 / 50 sheets from Kufatec if you just...
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    Forthcoming A3 Model

    :blackrs4:As everyone knows - the A3 Cabriolet is on its way out next month. Also the New A3 is set to go into Build from May. Does anyone have any info of how they are going to change it ? IE Inside, Dials, Displays etc. Only Reason I know its coming is because I'm Due to have my...
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    Audi Customer Care

    As most of you know - I am having big problems with my New A3... Just wondering if anyone has the number handy for Audi Customer Services/Care A3 Seems to be in the garage every single week, and it is not leading to an enjoyable ownership. Anyone know what the process is for rejecting a...
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    57 Plate TDI170 S-LINE NOT HAPPY (HELP)

    Having Heaps of problems with my car guys... it was mine from brand new at the end of November 2007. 57 Plate ... It was bought from Aberdeen Audi (Specialist Cars Audi Aberdeen) .....It is heavily spec'd from new (As per sig).... and having a whole heap of issues with it .. After some...
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    Aberdeen Area Vag Com

    Does anyone in the Aberdeen Area have a Vagcom cable??????
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    Phone Kit Microphones

    Guys.... As you know I am in the process of my retrofit bluetooth to my 2007 A3 S Line.... I have put in the Microphone I purchased from VAG Parts in the holder in the interior light holder .... but it seems to be too big ...... Its in ...but the actual surround for the light now doesnt sit...
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    retrofitting Bluetooth, Live feed question

    Hello guys.... Been retrofitting my Bluetooth to my 2007 A3 S-Line with RNSE, However the wire that Kufatec gave me has a permanant live cable which isnt very long, almost as if it should be connected to a perm live down in the footwell somewhere..... to save chopping any wires.... does anyone...
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    Scotland Meet North/South

    Good Morning all, See a lot of members from Aberdeen on here all the time, just wondering if anyone fancied having a meet Aberdeen/Dundee way over the course of this month... some nice winter shots of the cars?
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    A3 170 TDI Tuning

    Seen as nobody replied in the Tuning section...... Having Moved over from Owning a 2006 Focus ST 2.5 Turbo.... The Audi was good to start with, now I have the Modding bug... and want a little extra performance.... Just wondering if anyone has come up with a plug in tuning device... similar...
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    Plug In Tuning for A3 TDI 170??

    Having Moved over from Owning a 2006 Focus ST 2.5 Turbo.... The Audi was good to start with, now I have the Modding bug... and want a little extra performance.... Just wondering if anyone has come up with a plug in tuning device... similar to that I had for the Focus...