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  1. Rich M

    S5 4.2 V8 - High-ish miles info

    Hi All Hoping you can help me here. I recently had to chop in my V6 S4 Avant for a new Q7 with now having 3 kids, which the wife now drives. This means I have adopted her mega powerful 1.4 SEAT Leon FR 5F and so having owned high performance cars for the past 10+ years I am struggling with...
  2. Rich M

    Q7 Q7 Air Suspension - should I bother?

    Hi, I'm about to put in an order for a new Q7 4M but just wondering thoughts on the air suspension that is part of the dynamic pack? Been doing a bit of searching on here throws a few faults especially with compressors but just wondering if I'm setting myself up for some pain when things go...
  3. Rich M

    Eibach's on B8.5 S4 Installed

    Hi, Just thought I'd put a little write up on a set of Eibach's I have installed on my B8.5 S4 as I have always used Eibach springs on all cars I have owned but the set I have installed for the S4 have proved better than I expected. I ended up going for these mainly for the looks as I think...
  4. Rich M

    Poorly MMI screen

    Hi all. Unfortunately my MMI screen took a beating recently after I was carting home some bits that were in the load through and had to slam on because of someone pulling out of a junction The screen still works but it has badly damaged the coating. Managed to get a new screen to fit (Audi...
  5. Rich M

    S4 Exhaust Options

    Hi all, I have been pondering of tinkering with the exhaust system and I have been leaning towards the AWE system from regal autosport (would be a nice drive down there for me) due to the different options there are. I want to keep the car civilised when the wife and little one are in the car...
  6. Rich M

    S4 Avant - finally collected

    It has been a long day but finally got my pictures sorted of collection day from the dealer. Quite an experience and one I have very much enjoyed. Got to say Huddersfield Audi did an excellent job, especially Andrew Wilkinson who dealt with my order from start to finish. Was made to feel very...
  7. Rich M

    S4 3.0 induction kit

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience which air intake upgrades for the S4? Maybe I'm a big kid but I was hoping to hear the supercharger more in the cabin (but not excessively) and the kit I have found is by revo. Revo Technik Air Intake - Demon Tweeks Thanks Rich