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  1. J

    blank dis

    Soooo basically today my dis has gone totally blank, the only symbol I can see is the low fuel symbol. This is either a big coincidence or its related, but my mate changed the fuel and cabin filter today and it was after doing this that the dis went blank. Never happened before, tried a...
  2. J

    best way to flush cooling system?

    Done it before on my old s3 by adding a couple of crushed up dishwasher tablets to the water, letting it idle for ten mins after reaching max temo and then draining through lower rad hose, repeated this a few times untill water was looking fairly clear and then flush through with clean water...
  3. J


    Anyone put any kind of DRL'S on their c5, if so pics please?! Been toying with the idea ever since buying mine but cant deicde if they'll look 'chavvy' or not :(
  4. J

    header tank?

    Quick question, will any header tank off a c5 fit any model c5? I.e will a tank off a 2.8 quattro fit a 1.9tdi, for example Mines the 2.5tdi v6
  5. J

    rooflining removal

    ive owned a few audis over the years but never had to remove the rooflining before, so am just wondering how easy it is and how to go about it, anything i should be aware of inparticular? i only need access to the rear of the roof so wont be a total removal. reason being at some point my aerial...
  6. J

    key fob syncro?

    I disconnectted my battery the other day and now one of key fobs doesnt work remotely, its not the fob battery. Ove tried a few different methods i found on tinterweb but nothing has worked :-( Any ideas suggestions would be appreciated :-) Thanks
  7. J

    rnsd unit wont read discs

    Just bought an 03 a6 avant with an rnsd retrofitted,.it all works apart from it wont read the sat nav discs! Ive tried the discs in a different unit no problem so it must be the unit? It just says the disc is unreadable, only thing i could think to try is a lense cleaner, not very...
  8. J

    ko4-022 or 023?

    Hi guys i need a bit of help as to what turbo i should get for my ko4 upgrade on my dtm Theres a ko4-022 for sale on here at the moment and i cant find out if it will fit my car or not, all the upgrade packages seem to use the 023 turbo. So im guessing it wont work but what are the...
  9. J

    My old rarb

    So i fitted the rs4 arb to my dtm yesterday (a must do mod btw) and am just wondering if my stock one would be of any use to anyone as an upgrade otherwise i'll chuck it Thanks
  10. J

    Losing mobile signal

    Just wondered if anyone here could help or have the same/similar issues Over the last 3 weeks or so my phone has been losing signal, it started off as being once or twice a day and has steadily worsened to the point where i'd go days without signal. I tried turning it off and on, removing and...
  11. J

    On the lookout for...

    I thought i'd post this here as its model specific although is basically a wanted ad, so mods please move if you feel necessary :) Basically i'm after a second hand milltek catback system for my dtm, bit of a longshot i know but still worth a go, constantly checking ebay to no avail :( Cash...
  12. J

    Entering a post code

    Ive got a mk1 rnse with a 2005 sat nav disc, when trying to put in a post code it will only accept four characters and then need a street name or special location, ive checked the manual and it seems this is normal... What a pain in the ***!! Is there not a way of just entering a whole postcode...
  13. J


    A new dtm season is starting this weekend at hockenheim, i was wondering if anyone knew where i could watch it ie any sky channels or streamed on the internet? Cheers
  14. J

    which surround sound system

    so me and the mrs will be tv shopping on the weekend (my favourite kind of shopping) and she has told me she wants surround sound, happy days :D i know what i want but can only find one product that fits the bill and is made by a company ive never heard of and on amazon it gets one good review...
  15. J

    missing boot lining?

    so this is my boot: question is, am i missing a section of boot lining at the top or did it roll ot of the factory like that? my dad said no one can see under there so it probably did but my argument was that if i paid £30k for a brand new dtm i would want a full boot lining, plus it wouldnt...
  16. J

    rnse knob... :)

    how do i remove the big knob on my rnse unit? the black has worn off and i wanna replace it thanks
  17. J

    red b7 s4 worcester

    followed it up newtown road today at 2pm, brightened my day seeing an s4 on the road :)
  18. J

    service light

    when i first got my car it was "serviced" after about 3-400 miles the it said service on the dis on startup took it back to where i got it and they apologised and said they hadnt set the service interval or something, no more service message then about another 200 miles later it come back on...
  19. J

    jump street 21

    one word, hilarious!! jonah hill on form once again, some great one liners etc go see it people :)
  20. J

    rsne sat nav disc

    im in need of a uk & western europe sat nav disc, two questions: wheres best to get them from (audi, ebay etc) and how much should i be paying its a '05 a4 dtm if that helps/matters thanks