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  1. RyanJonS4

    Alarm keeps going off!

    Anyone ever had their alarm randomly go off? Whenever my cars locked it goes off within a couple of minutes, but the hazards don’t flash! Luckily it’s locked in a garage over night but I can’t use it to go anywhere I need to get out and leave it parked up!
  2. RyanJonS4

    I’d forgotten how good B6’s are to drive

    Had my S4 in for MOT this morning and she passed with flying colours after a few years pretty much off the road. The tester said she’s like brand new mechanically underneath which is testament to the way I used to maintain it before I parked it up, as for the bodywork though....that’s a...
  3. RyanJonS4

    034 x-brace review

    I’ve had the new RHD x-brace on for roughly a week. I’ve had it fitted after reading all the hype on the US forums for years and everybody saying it’s a must have modification. I was a bit sceptical as I’ve done absolutely everything else possible on the front end so wasn’t sure how much of a...
  4. RyanJonS4

    How do I cancel a key?

    Does anybody know if it’s possible to cancel a key that’s been stolen? To cut a long story short, my house was broken into and my spare key was taken. I’ve looked in the menu on the car and it says there are 3 keys. I have the 1 I use and also the plastic master key thing so just want to cancel...
  5. RyanJonS4

    Haldex issue?

    Hi, this isn’t my usual section to be posting in. I have a couple of S4s so usually knock about in that area and don’t know much about Haldex. My mrs has a 2013 TT tdi Quattro, over Christmas we went shopping in it, I drove and we parked in a multi story car park. While on full lock going up...
  6. RyanJonS4

    KW v3 & polly bushes

    Is anyone running KW v3 coilovers? How do you find them? I've just put an order in for some and I'm after some feedback as to what they're like. I've also ordered a full front end set of powerflex polly bushes to be done at the same time to cut down on labour and tighten the front up a bit...
  7. RyanJonS4

    Give us some pointers!

    New section for me this 1 so I'll start with a Hello!! Ive had a B6 s4 for 8 years now and loved every minute of it, just feel its time for a change to something more modern. I'm off too view a B8.5 S4 on friday and know nothing about them other than that I like the look of them and the tuning...
  8. RyanJonS4

    snub mount

    I've bought an APR snub mount for my s4 and I'm planing on fitting it my self. Has anyone done this and could give me any tips or point me in the direction of a guide? Did you notice a big difference with it fitted? Ryan
  9. RyanJonS4

    Tyres losing pressure after re-furb

    I had some wheels refurbished a couple of weeks back, after picking them up they sat in my garage for a week before i came to put them on the car. When fitting them I realised 3 of the 4 had next to no pressure in them and 1 was in the low 20's. I thought maybe they hadn't pumped them up...
  10. RyanJonS4

    Broken Jack

    Does anyone have the correct part number for an S4 jack? Mine started making horrible grinding noises the other day then seized up! Also does anyone know if an A4 one would be the same? Ryan
  11. RyanJonS4

    Heater playing up

    Hi, A lad I work with has a b6 diesel and picked me up in it yesterday, his heater wont blow at all onto the windscreen, the only vent that blows hot air is the 1 above the headlight switch and the other vents only blow cold air! I told him I'd try and find out how to fix it on here but after...
  12. RyanJonS4

    Upgrading from B6 S4 to B8 S4, looking for advice!

    Hi, I currently have a b6 s4 that ive owned for the last 5 years and ive loved every minute of it. I'm now looking to buy a B8, possibly an avant and I'm looking for a bit of advice on any problematic things to look out for really? I'm aware of how many different options there were and...
  13. RyanJonS4

    which LED numberplate bulbs are people rocking these days?

    I've been running LED numberplate bulbs for about 12 months but 1 has stopped working. I cant remember where it was I boght them from but was wondering which ones people are using and wether they are throwing up errors? Mine have never thrown up errors....even now 1 isnt working it isnt which...
  14. RyanJonS4

    Running best it has in a long while!

    Just been in for 8 coils replaced for free and my car feels like its running better than it has in a long while, has anyone else thought this after having coils replaced? 1 went last week and was replaced to get me about and the car felt good but now after all 8 replaced it feels a lot...
  15. RyanJonS4

    2 quick questions

    Where is the port to plug a fault code reader in on a b6 S4? Do coil packs just pull straight out or do i need a special tool? my car sounds like its running on 7 and was passing a gsf today so bought a coilpack, and I have an old fault code reader that I used to use on my 8l a3 which I...
  16. RyanJonS4

    Coilover adjusters out?

    Hi, My coilovers are wound right down on the back and it isnt quite low enough for me! Has anyone taken the adjusters out of theirs? I realise that there would then be no adjustment on them but I think it would give me the extea 10mm I'm craving! Is it safe to do so? I've seen bits and bobs...
  17. RyanJonS4

    10mm hubcentric spacers

    Is anyone running 10mm hubcentric spacers? If so which ones? Getting to the time of year where I'm going to be putting my winter wheels and tyres back on, and they will not clear my brakes unless theres at least a 7mm spacer. I was running 15mm spcers all round but I think they will cause...
  18. RyanJonS4

    !Few pics of my S4, now on BBS CH's and coilovers

    Just a Few pics of my S4 now I've got it (almost) to where I want it. I've owned the car for 4 years now but havn't been on here for a while as things came to a standstill for a couple of years! I put a Miltek cat back and Porsche Cayenne 6 pot brake kit on a few years back then things stood...
  19. RyanJonS4

    Will they fit?

    Hello again people! Not been around for a while as not much has gone on with my car but im looking to get the ball rolling my queston! I'm going buying some bbs ch's at weekend and the measurements are:- *5x112 *8.5x19 *et35 I've done some calculations and need to...
  20. RyanJonS4

    Its falling appart!!!

    My glove box lid came off in my hand yesterday!! It had been difficult too open for a while so I knew something wasn't quite right with it. Didnt expect it to fall off in my hand though! lol. Is this a common fault? Does the full glove box need changing or can I just change the lid? How...