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  1. Welshquattro

    Brake Upgrade Question

    A friend has given me some brake calipers he got for his B6 but never fitted but he’s now sold the car. So I’ve now got B8 S4 front calipers and S4 B6 rear Calipers to go on mine and my question is do I fit b6/b7 S4 front discs and once I’ve fitted them all do I have to change any coding as they...
  2. Welshquattro

    Rear Seats

    So does anyone know if the rear seats out of a saloon fold down and will they fit a Avant?
  3. Welshquattro

    Goodbye......well almost

    So after 12yrs of owning my 1.8t quattro Avant I’ve decided to move on and bought myself a hi spec’ed A6 c7 3.0 v6 TDI quattro Avant. Still got the b6 but haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it yet. Anyway here’s a pic of the old girl and one of the new A6.
  4. Welshquattro

    3.0TDI S Line Quattro Avant

    Hi I’m thinking of buying my first A6 and looking at a 2012 3.0TDI Quattro s Line Avant with S Tronic gearbox with 93k. What do I look for as I’m coming from a A4 1.8t quatttro with manual gearbox so this is completely different. It has a full Audi service history and all the gadgets but how...
  5. Welshquattro

    Disc recommendations

    Hi, doing a s4 brake upgrade, I’ve got the calipers and carriers so now need the discs. So want discs do you guys recommended? I’ve see a few different ones on eBay like kinetix, mtec, Eicher, Rotinger , Zimmerman and EBC but got no experience of any of them. Also I’m thinking going cross...
  6. Welshquattro

    S4 rear brake question

    Hi, anyone know if the b6 brake hoses fit the S4 calipers? I got a feeling they are the same caliper just different carriers but not 100%
  7. Welshquattro

    Big Brake Conversion

    So what options are there for bigger brakes on the b6? I know b6 and 7 s4 Brakes are a straight swap but what other models are a straight swap? Need to fit with 19inch alloys.
  8. Welshquattro

    Well worth watching!

    Hi all, if your into detailing or just starting out this is a great YouTube channel to watch. Great reviews on all sorts of products from lots of different companies. Luke at Tranquilitybasedetailing is well worth a watch.
  9. Welshquattro

    Sad News

    As some off you will have seen on the news of the shooting of police officers in the U.S! One of the offices Sam Howard was well known in Audi owner circles and on Audizine. RIP Sam and my thoughts go to his family.
  10. Welshquattro


    Who has a tailgate lock? I had a completely flat battery this morning(haven't driven it since Christmas) so went to get jump leads out of the boot only to find I don't have a tailgate lock so had to open drivers door on the key and climb though the car to the boot. I've owned the car 11yrs and...
  11. Welshquattro

    Part numbers

    Is there part of the part number that means it's drivers side or passenger side and also front or rear?
  12. Welshquattro

    Lowering Springs for Avant quattro

    Am I right in thinking that the H&R springs are a harder ride than the Eibach ones? What ones would you go for? Im not wanting to go super lower so coilovers would be a waste of money I think.
  13. Welshquattro

    Bluetooth to RNS-D

    Which Audi Bluetooth unit works with the RNS-D? It for a A4 b6 with no MFSW it that helps. Any help and links would be great.
  14. Welshquattro

    Auto Wipers A4 B6

    Hi, I'm interested in see if this can be fitted and the cost. The car is a 04 A4 b6 Avant. Thanks
  15. Welshquattro

    Code help!

    Anybody know where to find out what colour my interior is? The code is N7U/LA. I after a centre console which looks black to me and I have been offered a soul back one
  16. Welshquattro

    Avant auto boot opening

    Have you seen this on the B7 section. I think this should work on the b6 aswell.
  17. Welshquattro

    Bluetooth help

    Hi I have a 2004 a4 b6 with RNS-D, cd charger and Bose fitted but no MFSW. What I want to know is if I can fit audi Bluetooth to it and if so what would I need. I know I can get aftermarket ones but would like genuine audi if possible. thanks for any help
  18. Welshquattro


    Need two tyres on my quattro which has 225/40-18's on at the moment,was wondering if I could fit 235/40-18's on just the two wheels for now until I save up for the other two. Was thinking of putting them on the back of the car but as it's a quattro will this damage it? Wheels are 8x18's. Thanks.
  19. Welshquattro

    Rear Brake Discs

    Does anyone happen to know what size the rear brake discs are on a 1.8t 190 quattro Avant?
  20. Welshquattro

    Tailgate spoiler

    Has anyone taken thier GmbH tailgate spoiler off? I think it's bonded on and was wondering if anybody had tried to remove one and could give me some tips on removal. I've got a replacement tailgate(thanks quattrojames) and don't want to buy one so need to get mine off.