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  1. Ash187

    Sold A5 Sportback heated & electric leather seats

    Have a set of heated and electric leather seats for sale which came out of an A5 Sportback. The seats were in the car for only a year and are in very good condition. Will fit an A4 and can be made to fit in the A3 Sportback. Looking for £350 collected from Iver, West London.
  2. Ash187

    For Sale ASH187 2010 Audi A5 Sportback 3.0 TDI Quattro

    So i'm selling my Audi A5 after 4 and half years of ownership. Here is a link to my dropbox for the pictures as too many to list here: Clicky: A5 Pics The description is as follows: 2010 Audi A5 Sportback S-Line 3.0TDI Quattro S-Tronic Tungsten Grey/Amethyst Grey 137k miles 310BHP with...
  3. Ash187

    Does anyone have a Vag Can Pro cable?

    Hi Guys, I need access to a Vag Can Pro cable, if what i need it for works then i am contemplating buying one but i wanted to know if anyone has one i can use for a day? I am willing to pay for its use. Send me a DM if you have one i can use. Thanks
  4. Ash187

    Vag Can Pro... who has one?

    Hi Guys, I need access to a Vag Can Pro cable, if what i need it for works then i am contemplating buying one but i wanted to know if anyone has one i can use for a day? I am willing to pay for its use. Send me a DM if you have one i can use. Thanks
  5. Ash187

    Custom Audi LED Door Sills

    Now although its not an A3 it is something that will interest you guys and will work in the A3... So this is a mod that i have been planning for a while but getting a good quality part proved difficult. I managed to find a good supplier so i have bought in a couple to test out the quality and...
  6. Ash187

    Ash187's A5 Sportback

    Hi Guys, Some of you guys i have already had the pleasure of meeting while working on your cars, others i am still to meet. I have had an A3 for the past 5 years and due to having a baby i have just upgraded to an A5 Sportback. On the A3 forums my posts over the years got very scattered as i...
  7. Ash187

    Do I sell or strip?

    Hi Guys, So I have owned my A3 for just over 4 years and I'm looking to move onto an A5 Sportback... have a baby on the way (due in a couple days :unsure:) and I'm looking for something different. now i have loved my A3 since the day i got it and no expense spared on maintaining it and...
  8. Ash187

    Coming home customisation

    Normally on pre-2009 cars when coming home/leaving home is active it lights up the headlights and DRLs if they are installed on the car. On post-2009 cars the coming home feature lights up the DRLs and the Fogs... i love the way this looks as the newer LED DRLs look amazing. Since i have done...
  9. Ash187

    Audi 0 - Cardboard 1

    I have just had the hybrid put in, a custom map, some other engine work and to top it off a nice front bumper respray (Calling all hybrid turbo owners) I picked up the car from the tuners last Thursday looking like this: The weekend goes well and I'm liking the power... roll on monday and...
  10. Ash187

    Rear heated seats fitted!

    So i managed to get hold of a very rare set of rear heated seats! I was asked to source a set of leather seats for an A3 by a friend who has a bad back, i suggested he gets seats with Lumbar support but finding that for an A3 is somewhat difficult. I suggested that he get a set of A5 seats as...
  11. Ash187

    Calling all hybrid turbo owners

    So I'm thinking of getting a hybrid turbo in my 2.0 TDi but I have some questions I need answers for... For those of you that have gone down the hybrid route who did you use to get the custom remap to suit the hybrid? how much horsepower and torque did you end up with? was there any lag...
  12. Ash187

    Sorry guys for not being around... i am still here :)

    Hi Guys, I have been around on the forum for quite some time but lately i have been absent. I still have the Audi and am still available but have been contacted from some of you asking if aim still helping with installs and other stuff. Thing is i am getting married next month so things have...
  13. Ash187

    Stage 1 clutch and flywheel options for 2.0 TDI

    Hi guys, my clutch and flywheel are on their way out so since I need to replace it I was thinking of getting a stage 1 upgrade, only thing is I'm not sure what to get. At some point I will get a hybrid turbo and a remap so doing the clutch now makes sense. I'm thinking of sticking with the dual...
  14. Ash187

    Little interior upgrade

    So its been a little while but i have got my next upgrade in. I was hoping to have this all fitted in before Christmas but the parts weren't ready. I finally got it all back in January and fitted it in but due to the bad weather i havent had the chance to get half decent pics... I...
  15. Ash187

    dodgy mirrors? what do you think?

    hey guys, just found this on ebay while browsing for a set of mirror covers for a fellow member and i thought to myself 'something doesn't look right here'.... can you guess what it is? Audi S3 A3 Black Edition LED Wing Mirrors, Electric, Perfect Condition | eBay well if like me you...
  16. Ash187

    Climate control units

    ok so here is the breakdown on the heater units: crappy manual heater knobs from 2003 i believe: nothing nice or exciting about these... if you have it then i suggest you sell your car and get a new one that has a proper climate control unit as there is no way to convert it! climate...
  17. Ash187

    Great Halogen Bulbs!

    Hey guys, I was browsing around online and doing some research into things and i came across a thread where some guys have put in some lovely halogen bulbs into their fog lights which match the xenon bulbs. here are some pics of the car that has it installed: the...
  18. Ash187

    So since my accident i have done a few things... and what a journey its been!

    Hey guys, so since i was involved in an accident with a lorry back May i haven't really been modding... to be honest i have been busy with work and kinda lost the want to mod it since it just looked a mess. here is the thread with all the details of the accident...
  19. Ash187

    Lamin -X.... how much would i need?

    Hi guys, basically i want to get some Lamin-x for my headlights and taillights but i am not sure on how much to get? The US site has them precut but the cost quite a bit where as the UK site has them in rolls of film... so how much would i need to order to do both front and rear lights? its...
  20. Ash187

    19" tyres... where do you buy yours from?

    I have been looking around to getting some 19" alloys but i am having trouble finding a set of 225/35/19s for a decent price... i mean yeah i know 19s are going to be more expensive but £600 on a set of tyres alone is ridiculous! Does anyone have a good suggestion of places i can find a set of...