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  1. FactionOne

    Holograms, I cannot get rid of them.

    I've had several unprompted soliloquies from a good friend about the following. Those in the thread more learned than I might have objections, but as he absolutely swears (literally) by it for finishing, I thought it worth a mention. R...
  2. FactionOne

    Engine code location

    The code should be stamped somewhere on the engine (also the engine number, which normally starts with the letters of the engine code)... I say somewhere because it's something of a movable feast. Very often it used to be that there was a little tab somewhere up the top end (attached to the...
  3. FactionOne

    Coil pack rubber boot torn

    No worries. Easily missed when you're anxious to get it sorted out, and it being an easy one that didn't have me rummaging through the parts catalogue made me smile. R
  4. FactionOne

    Coil pack rubber boot torn

    You do(!) ...It's the long number on the boot. I'm not certain I'm making out the third character correctly, but it looks like 04E 905 199 A (Googling that number makes a lot of boots which look like yours appear). All the best, Rob.
  5. FactionOne

    Any Wiper Recommendations?

    The rule of wipers: you can buy Bosch or you can buy twice.
  6. FactionOne

    A4 1.8T S-Line Convertible Flywheel Type

    Welcome to the forum. I've made some slight edits to your post, but I wonder if it needs to go in another section? There's an outside chance your 2007 car is a late B6, but it's more likely a B7. Does it have the newer single frame grille in the front bumper? If you can let us know your engine...
  7. FactionOne

    MAP Sensor location.

    No worries, it just helps keep the place tidier, but mainly as I say, means that more people familiar with the type see your posts. If you let us know the year of your car it'd help with an accurate answer, but if it's not in exactly the same place as pictured above, the odds are it won't be...
  8. FactionOne

    Diagnostics for Audi A8 D3 3.0TDI

    Well, when I bought mine -many, many moons ago- there wasn't an awful lot of choice and £ to $ was strong, so in the end I had it shipped straight from Ross Tech in the states. I *think* their main UK distributor is Gendan (in Fforestfach, I've just discovered to my surprise (I was a Llanelli...
  9. FactionOne

    Diagnostics for Audi A8 D3 3.0TDI

    Welcome to the forum. There are some other devices coming on to the market now - OBDeleven and others, which are good if you need to run on iOS/Android, or want a less expensive basic system, but if you've got a Windows laptop (even an old one), VCDS (aka VAG-COM) is still top of the heap for...
  10. FactionOne

    Best Torque Wrench

    For those who are after a cheap & cheerful 'better than guessing' model... Lidl have got one on from Sunday... 1/2" drive, quick release, 17, 19, 21mm sockets (common wheel bolt sizes), 80-210Nm - £19.99 Also axle stands - £12.99, and what looks like a not bad cordless impact gun (5 torque...
  11. FactionOne

    Rear windows

    You're welcome. Glad it worked. :icon thumright:
  12. FactionOne

    Clutch Noise

    Knowing what happens when you press the pedal (with no gear selected) might help narrow it down, but the release bearing is most likely. The good news is that the part isn't expensive; the less good news is that it's right in the middle, so the strip-down is the same as doing a clutch. The...
  13. FactionOne

    MAP Sensor location.

    CBB or CBBB? If the latter, It's about half way down the intercooler pipework - item 18 on this diagram. Rob P.S. Please post your threads in the correct section for your car (A3 8P) - more people familiar with the model will see them there.
  14. FactionOne

    Rear windows

    Resetting the stop positions is probably worth a try - whether it fixes it or not is another matter. Drop the window to fully open, hold the switch to close it, when it gets to the top, release the switch and then hold the switch in the close position again until you hear a little click. Rob...
  15. FactionOne

    Clutch Noise

    Release bearing has to be top of the list... Does the noise go away when you press the pedal (in neutral), and not present when it's in gear (as far as you can tell)? What sort of mileage has the car (or clutch, if it's had one before) done? Do you sit at a lot of red lights or in a lot of...
  16. FactionOne

    Check brake pad light

    Whenever the light's on, really - I think it shows with just the ignition? - it should't make a difference. If I recall correctly, the plug on the car wiring is the male side, so if you disconnect them you should be able to put a flat blade screwdriver across the pins to complete the circuit. I...
  17. FactionOne

    Is this the correct manual for my car?

    The short answer is that neither would be ideal. The 03-08 version is pre-facelift, and so there will be differences all over the car (engine and body); they'll be slight for the most part, so it might be useful as a guide, but there will be stuff that's not exactly right. Similarly with the one...
  18. FactionOne

    Trying to do justice to the 1.6 engine (A3 8L)

    Tuffty wrote a pretty comprehensive post before there was the mishap in which the thread was deleted. I couldn't quote it in detail, but some significant points which probably bear my repeating are: i) You're likely to get the best bang-per-buck improvements out of it (such as they'll be) by...
  19. FactionOne

    Mitsubishi 3000GTO Twin Turbo

    You probably guessed by my posting it that I'm on the cool side of the question. It's one of very few Japanese cars that I have a soft spot for; the spec ticks several really good boxes, and is doubly impressive when you consider the vintage. One of my neighbours has got one - I do the odd bit...
  20. FactionOne

    Water pump question

    That's not very fair, @Uselek. It's not a very common model, so it just might take a little longer than usual. @Ercsi83: There is a water pump. From what I can find out, your car is likely to have a CUKB engine (there should be a sticker on the inside front cover of your service book which will...