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    EPC check engine light

    Strange I never picked up on it before but clips on YouTube they come on with ignition on and off with ignition on. Mine go out with engine started.
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    EPC check engine light

    I've looked on YouTube they all gone on but go out. My EPC and check engine only go out when I start the engine.
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    EPC check engine light

    No they don't
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    EPC check engine light

    When ignition is on EPC light and check engine light is on. when engine started they turn off. is this normal?
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    Audi s3 8v brake disc diameter

    Anyone know the front brake disc diameter for 15p Audi s3 8v?
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    Should I buy an S3?

    If money is no problem buy it. Otherwise I'd advise you get something economical and save your money.
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    Epic fail

    I don't know how he could manage that s3 is really safe.
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    Changing front pads Audi s3 8v

    I saw there's a video on YouTube to change front pads but is it the same process on a Audi s3 8v? Is changing front brakes pads the same in all the Audi A3 range s3, RS3 or different process?
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    Changing front brake pads!

    Hi is this the same process for 2015 Audi s3 8v?
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    8v haldex problem

    They said there going to clean it and that should solve the problem.
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    8v haldex problem

    Yeh I had to double check. Done under warenty. But I have to wait till 23rd for parts to come in.
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    8v haldex problem

    Requires to be booked in 4 wheel clutch pump to be taken off and cleaned and oil replaced £928.
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    Questions for golfing S3 owners

    Hatch back is lighter and faster and got more headroom in the back.
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    8v haldex problem

    So my 15 S3 in for haldex problem. It's common fault which Audi should address because it's dangerous because your driving a front wheel drive car when you think it's a 4 wheel drive. I had it serviced and Audi should have diagnosied it but never. Been doing this for a year and there's me...
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    First Drive of an 8V

    You lucky I've handed my car today and got a1 I'm 6ft 3 18 stones how funny I look.
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    screeching tyres after new tyre

    Have 2015 s3 from new enjoyed for 2 years now brilliant nothing bad to say about it but now. I asked the salesman this question before i brought the car it if i get a puncher would i have to change all 4 tyres or just 1 he said just one. but i read somewhere you can only do this if the tyre...
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    Dash cam

    my friend keeps on telling me to get A dash cam because a lot cars have been scratched at my workplace seems to be a serial scratcher. But I told him they only record when the cars ignition is on. He said you can set them to record all the time. Is this possible? What cams have you guys got?
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    Insurance, Standard car?

    Factory fitted extras does not mean your car is modified.
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    Early days, but mpg lower than expected

    Mines been like 18pmg
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    advanced key locking car.

    I like it but I always have 2 check my pockets if ive got the key. With normal keys u always pulling it in and out your pockets so you know its there. Overall I think its cool thats about it.