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  1. BigAardvaark

    MMI Problems help!!!

    Try a factory reset, it's in one of the menus somewhere. But, I suspect you've got a faulty unit there, too many things going wrong.
  2. BigAardvaark

    MMI Problems help!!!

    If you have a car with the control dial, try rebooting by pressing the dial whilst pushing the two shiny switches up, all at the same time. It's like a ctrl-alt-delete. Dunno how to do the equivalent of this on the newer touch-screen downgraded cars.
  3. BigAardvaark

    Audi Connect has expired. Renewal question

    I only use traffic really, not interested in Weather or Twitter, does it fall back to TMC traffic when the license is up? Mine's due to die at the end of the Month and I won't be renewing just for traffic.
  4. BigAardvaark

    Engine Mgmt & AdBlue Fault: Car at Dealership.

    I spoke too soon in my post earlier in this thread, it DID clear itself but came back, extended warranty covered in full, new control unit, etc. Chap at Warrington Audi reckoned it would have been an approx £1500 bill. Warranty paid for itself in one claim.
  5. BigAardvaark

    Engine Mgmt & AdBlue Fault: Car at Dealership.

    This has happened to me both times I let the adblue warning get below 1000 miles (might have been closer to 800 miles?), engine light on, adblue fault. Put adblue in and both cleared themselves very shortly after.
  6. BigAardvaark

    Extended warranty

    Mine was around £34/month too in the first year for "Named Component". This year I went for "All Component" and it's £42/month. I find this value for money for the peace of mind it brings.
  7. BigAardvaark

    LED DRL Headlight colour

    Could also be the white balance setting on the cameras.
  8. BigAardvaark

    Greetings - 110000 mile 2.0Tsfi - potential moneypit?

    I paid Warrington Audi £225 for an s-tronic service early last year.
  9. BigAardvaark

    Audi S4 2017 Aircon not working

    I get the impression the advice was specific to current models.
  10. BigAardvaark

    Audi S4 2017 Aircon not working

    Did a quick search and found the following members with the same if not similar issues; @BigAardvaark @Smickers @Spearo @Timothy! @Corbula @WesT-gefül @BeagleKCH @Tedic15 There was a telling line in one of these threads, someone in the know had said to a potential buyer "Check the A/C...
  11. BigAardvaark

    Audi S4 2017 Aircon not working

    "beginning to look like" is hardly conclusion reached. Time will tell.
  12. BigAardvaark

    Audi S4 2017 Aircon not working

    Your A4 and A3 are exactly as my previous VAG cars have been, faultless, and I've had 9 of them now. Never had the A/C serviced on any of them. Most were over 5 years old when I moved on, some 100,000+ miles. The 1st fault I had fixed at 20 months old was also classed as an A/C service but 9...
  13. BigAardvaark

    Audi S4 2017 Aircon not working

    I've had many cars but I've never had one needing as much attention to the A/C than this one and it seems to be getting quite the common subject in here. At this rate, it's going to be tough to find a 5 year old example of a B9 with gas in the system....
  14. BigAardvaark

    Audi S4 2017 Aircon not working

    Seems to be becoming a common fault this. You are all being fobbed off. If an air con system needs a regas it is leaking. I've had the same symptoms as you covered under warranty twice now, the 2nd time was in the 3rd year (regas with blue tracer dye) and has (fingers crossed) stayed working...
  15. BigAardvaark

    Lag - Delay - Hesitation

    What's your car? There appear to be many models of the device, I *think* for mine it's "RSBD174" but thought I'd quickly ask you before some email tennis with Sprint Boost as their website is next to useless for this purpose.
  16. BigAardvaark

    Car value... seems severe? B9 S4

    Savage depreciation on cars these days, list price on mine was around £46k as specced, just over 3 years later and it's worth £13k
  17. BigAardvaark

    My audi looks like it sits high

    They have standard S-Line suspension, sounds like yours has had the "comfort" option ticked, this rides higher but softer. I take it you've not had it since new?
  18. BigAardvaark

    AdBlue Fill Up - Best (cleanest) Approach

    My rough calcs say I get around 12,000 miles per fill up. I have the 24 litre tank.
  19. BigAardvaark

    AdBlue Fill Up - Best (cleanest) Approach

    Yes to the HGV pump, it's cheaper too. And yes, it clicks off when full. It's the only way I've ever done it.
  20. BigAardvaark

    B&0 Soundsystem sounding faulty

    I just used a plastic trim tool, gently prised the front edge up a couple of mm.