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  1. Fraysa

    PDC retrofit fuse

    Hi, I’m in the process of retrofitting rear PDC to my 2011 A3 sport back. Since there isn’t much information online, I wanted to ask which fuse am I supposed to use for the PDC. I’m using a Kufatec harness which has two CAN wires, and one wire with a pin that looks to be like a fuse pin. Some...
  2. Fraysa

    PDC hole marking

    Hey, gonna retrofit PDC on my MY2011 8P soon, got all parts. Anyone know if the bumper has cross hair marks to indicate where to cut the holes on the 8P? I know the 8V has them but not sure if the 8P does.
  3. Fraysa

    PLA Hole Sizes in the 8P

    Hey everyone. Coming from a 8V, trying to help a friend with a 2011 8P to retrofit PLA. We already got all the parts, but I'm not sure what are the right sizes for the holes in the bumpers. I'd like to know the right sizes for all sizes. On the 8V and the Golf MK7 it's 18.2mm for the regular...
  4. Fraysa

    How to find wheel cap size?

    My buddy has a VW Golf MK 7.5 and I gave him my original 17" A3 8P wheels (P/N 8P0601025AL). The caps on these wheels have P/N 4B06011707ZJ. He wants to put VW caps but we need to know the exact size of these caps or the equivalent P/N for VW. I can't find any information on ETKA, any way to...
  5. Fraysa

    A few questions before buying my first A1 8X

    Hey everyone! I've been an owner of an A3 8V Sportback 1.4 for a few years now. I sold it a few months ago, had some issues with work and now that I have a new workplace, I started saving money for a newer car and in the meantime I wanted a car for daily drives. I didn't want a "normal" car...
  6. Fraysa

    Genuine camera retrofit compatibility

    I used to have a 2013 A3 8V that requires the “classic” camera kit (the one with the standalone module), and then someone found out you can use the newer model where the module is integrated into the camera unit on both the FL and PFL vehicles. I have a 2012 C7 4G and was wondering if it’s the...
  7. Fraysa

    Q3 Part number request for 2017 Q3

    Hey everyone. I need to know the part number for the left rear bumper light on the 2017 Q3. Vin is WAUZZZ8U3HR068113. Pictures attached. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Fraysa

    Unknown connectors on door panel?

    Hey everyone. I removed the door panel on my 2012 C7 to fix something with my speaker and I noticed 2 connectors that were unplugged (both female) and I’m not sure what their purpose is if anyone can help identify.
  9. Fraysa

    Q2 Wiring diagram for Q2 rear light

    Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the Q2 tail light? I need to connect a reversing camera to the reversing light signal and I’m not sure which wire is what. I don’t want to splice anything. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Fraysa

    Which tool do you guys use to take out tri clips?

    I’m having a hard time removing these trim clips in the boot and was wondering which tools do you guys use to remove them, hopefully with some tips and explanation. I use a set of pliers and they won’t do the job and just mess up the metal. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Fraysa

    Video in motion & video in VC

    Hello, My uncle bought a 2019 S5 which has video in the MMI. He also owns a TT and a SQ5, both are new and can play this video inside the VC and in motion. Anyone know the needed coding for this? I assume videos in motion is inside 5F and some adaption channel but I have no idea about VC.
  12. Fraysa

    New rear view mirror - is it auto dimming?

    Hey everyone. I bought the FL frameless rear view mirror and I noticed it has a male plug coming out of it, I assume for auto dimming. Reading online, I found the wiring diagram and it has 6 pins so I just wanted to make sure what features mine support. Here’s a picture.
  13. Fraysa

    How to remove these stuck clips in the boot?

    When I removed my boot cover from the 5door for the 3rd time, 2 of these silver clips got stuck inside the car. You can use tweezers to push them but I can’t get them out. How do you squeeze them out? NOTE; Photo is only to shoe which clips I’m talking about. They’re stuck inside the car boot...
  14. Fraysa

    PDC buzzer and module location?

    Can anyone tell me where is the module and buzzer of the PDC system located in the 8V? I bought the parts and tackling on this retrofit but I want to know the genuine locations for the parts and couldn’t find any information online. . Thanks.
  15. Fraysa

    Which MMI units support CarPlay?

    My brother wants to buy parts to retrofit MMI for CarPlay but he’s not sure what units support this function genuinely. I know the newer MIB2 units do, but I’ve seen so many on eBay I’m not sure which models do and how to extinguish between each one. I’ve been told any unit with 2 SD cards...
  16. Fraysa

    Facelift Can you make the camera full screen?

    My friend has a FL MY17 A3 and he asked me a question I can’t answer. He doesn’t have PDC, only rear view camera and he says it’s only on half the screen and the other half is just a car with a camera icon. I know PFL has it as overlay if yuh have PDC but I read that FL changed how it works...
  17. Fraysa

    Facelift Dome light doesn’t work after glovebox bulb change

    Hey everyone. My friend has a 2017 2.0 8V. He wanted to switch the glovebox bulb to a white one, so i popped it open and put the same bulb I have which is LED. It didn’t work, so I went ahead and put the original one in after trying for so many times. The original one also didn’t work, so I...
  18. Fraysa

    Q2 Q2 Trunk Button

    Is there any information to anyone regarding on how to replace the trunk button on the Q2? Couldn’t find any information.
  19. Fraysa

    Pictures of the LED cupholder?

    I retrofitted the LED cupholder ring but my seems a little dim and off in color compared to pictures I saw online so I wanted to compare with real life pictures instead of Google ones. This is my result (in real life it’s more purple than white and less bright): But online I see the ring...
  20. Fraysa

    Light error after replacing tail light

    Hey everyone. My friend owns a C6 which he just got recently and the left tail light had a crack in the plastic (LED tail lights) so he bought a new one (same one, made by Valeo). Ever since replacing the tail light he’s been getting bulb out errors on the dash for right and left tail...