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  1. meph137

    Help Please Replacing lower control arms - torquing after driving up on a ramp

    TL;DR - can I replace the control arms, tighten (but not torque) the bushings, reattached the wheels, drop the car, drive it on a set of ramps, then torque them up whilst on the ramp? Hey all, I've got to do some lower control arms. Admittedly this is on a Q5 but I'm posting here as I know...
  2. meph137

    Service whatever-point checklist

    Don’t suppose anyone has a PDF of all the things Audi check as part of their however-many point checklist when doing a major service? I think they may check the same things during an MOT and oil change service too, I think they call it a health check. Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. meph137

    Replace "Renew when replace" nuts and bolts or not?

    Hey all, quick question - when doing work yourself on your car do you replace the bolts that Audi state "Renew when replace"? I ask because I doubt an indy garage would do this - for example I removed the subframe cross brace thinking I needed to remove it, but I didn't so I bolted it back on...
  4. meph137

    Lag switching between drive and reverse

    Not sure if this is anything of concern but when I’m switching between drive and reverse it can sometimes take some time, sometimes more than a second, maybe a second or two - especially if I’m in reverse and am going something such as 5mph and I put it in drive I can travel some distance before...
  5. meph137

    Should a Replaced Mechatronics Last Longer?

    Before my ownership of my S4 (in 2016) the mechatronics were replaced under warranty at 40k miles (it's a 2013 MY), I can see the part number for the new unit was 8k2 927 156L - I was wondering, does anyone know if this will be a revised unit which should be less prone to failure than the...
  6. meph137

    Maintenance Schedule

    Hey all, apart from the normal items changed at oil change and major services, what items are classed as regular maintenance items on the S4? I've found a nice chart from below which seems to cover it...
  7. meph137

    Erwin or Elsawin?

    Which one do people use and why? Seems like you can get a day or two pass for Erwin fairly cheaply and legally download and print all the PDFs for your car, whereas elsawin is obviously a bit dodgy. Dodginess aside, which has the better content? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. meph137

    YouTube videos - oil change, DSG oil change etc

    Thought I’d share this channel in case people weren’t aware of it, Deutsche Auto Parts have bought a B8.5 project car so are posting regular videos on several very handy topics such as changing your engine oil, your DSG oil, I think soon they’re going to do the sports diff oil as well. Very very...
  9. meph137

    Can you Skim Wave Discs?

    Hey all, I have an S4 but the previous owner upgraded to RS4 (or 5, I can't recall - I think they're the same) brakes, i.e. the ones with the wavy edge. It's come time to change pads and I don't fancy spending £700 on new discs as well so wanted to skim them (never been done before so they...
  10. meph137

    Brake pad wear indicator

    Does anyone know how many Mum left when it goes off? What happens when it does, a light on the dash and a noise I assume? Also - some advice regarding pad change. I have RS4 brakes fitted by the previous owner which have the wavy discs which cost about £650 to replace so I’d prefer not to...
  11. meph137

    Is buying a QuickJack mad?

    They cost a lot, is it mad to buy a pair? :) I don't really know why I'm asking this to be honest, probably just because they cost a lot so I'm sense-checking myself! I'm considering doing my own servicing and maintenance (for the things I can do) on my S4 and I'm a bit a "do it the right way"...
  12. meph137

    DIY Servicing

    Are there many of you who service your cars yourself? I've got an S4 and would like to get a bit more hands-on with things (hence the jacking thread I started) and am wondering about servicing - it seems pretty insane to pay dealer prices for what is basically an oil and plug change but I'm...
  13. meph137

    Rennstand Jack Stand Group Buy

    Hey all, just wanted to point out here in the general forum that I've trying to put together a group buy and conscious that people may not look at that forum often - it's for the Rennstand Jack Stand which allows you to use a stand at the same point you jack (for example the B8 A4/S4 has only 4...
  14. meph137

    Jack Pads

    Hi all, I'm looking to jack up the S4 and have measured that the pinch weld seems about an inch deep - what does everyone do with regard to the slotted / side lift jack pads? They never seem to be this deep - they seme to be 20mm at most.
  15. meph137

    Tool to remove grab handles

    Hi all, just for info really, removing the grab handles official requires a special tool called "special hook #3370", which is the following (A VAS 6543): The problem is that Audi won't supply you with it (I asked Lincoln Audi, they told me it was for workshops only and they cannot sell it...
  16. meph137

    LEMFÖRDER Control Arm Part Numbers

    Just in case anyone wants this, I put together a document for LEMFÖRDER control arm part codes. Could add other brands if anyone wants, but I did this just because I wanted the LEMFÖRDER ones, they seem a bit tricky to find.... Ok so it looks like the forum is converting the link, and it then...
  17. meph137

    Coding footwell lighting brightness when door is open

    Just got the LED interior light package with red footwell lights from t8ups and I’m finding the “door open” brightness too much - I can control the “running” brightness and it looks lovely at about 25% but when you open the door you get the full whack - anyone know of any coding that can control...
  18. meph137

    Replacing Rear Number Plate

    Hi all, just about to replace my rear number plate, I want to avoid screws or holders (just going to use double sided tape), but after removing the rear plate I have this foam, has anyone else done this and also got the same foam? I don't really think using tape on foam is a great idea, but I'm...
  19. meph137

    Help Please Reset MMI on b8.5

    So I’m trying to enable background (ambient) lighting on my S4 and have done the green screen changes but now need to restart the MMI and it doesn’t want to play ball! I’ve held down the three buttons indicates in the manual in every which way I can think and it’s not having any of it, here is...
  20. meph137

    Red footwell LEDs

    Has anyone put any in? I’m going to get the full interior light pack from t8ups and noticed that some newer Audi’s come with red lighting as OEM and I thought it looked nice, needs to be very subtle though.. T8ups sent a photo of them, the brightness can be dialled back it seems with VCDS or...