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  1. J

    blank dis

    Sorry was in a rush as I was at work... Its an 03 a6
  2. J

    blank dis

    Soooo basically today my dis has gone totally blank, the only symbol I can see is the low fuel symbol. This is either a big coincidence or its related, but my mate changed the fuel and cabin filter today and it was after doing this that the dis went blank. Never happened before, tried a...
  3. J

    What I've done today!

    you done a good job there pal, you can come do mine if youre bored one day haha as for ruining it... :uhm:
  4. J

    best way to flush cooling system?

    Done it before on my old s3 by adding a couple of crushed up dishwasher tablets to the water, letting it idle for ten mins after reaching max temo and then draining through lower rad hose, repeated this a few times untill water was looking fairly clear and then flush through with clean water...
  5. J


    Anyone put any kind of DRL'S on their c5, if so pics please?! Been toying with the idea ever since buying mine but cant deicde if they'll look 'chavvy' or not :(
  6. J

    header tank?

    the answer to this is no incase anyone else is wondering, bought one off the bay, apparently off a 2.5 v6 and it dont ****** fit, well it did after some gentle persuasion!! sits a bit funny mind :)
  7. J

    Got my new car.. Bye to the 8P section and thanks for all the help

    awwww, my old car :( just seen this thread, miss it so much!! lol at the video on youtube, my 6 seconds of fame!! musta not seen the speed camera sign as i went past. hope youre still enjoying the motor ash, i might get an s4 just to annoy you ;) got a new job close to home so on the hunt...
  8. J

    header tank?

    Quick question, will any header tank off a c5 fit any model c5? I.e will a tank off a 2.8 quattro fit a 1.9tdi, for example Mines the 2.5tdi v6
  9. J

    rooflining removal

    good stuff typhoon, cheers bud!!
  10. J

    Roof rails, remove or refit?? opinion wanted

    I personally like the roof rails, il be taking mine off at some point to give them a good polish as mine have dulled down a bit Toying with the idea of getting the aerial base deleted/smoothed though
  11. J

    rooflining removal

    Yeah if you could please mate, failing that i'll just have a bash and see what happens haha
  12. J

    rooflining removal

    ive owned a few audis over the years but never had to remove the rooflining before, so am just wondering how easy it is and how to go about it, anything i should be aware of inparticular? i only need access to the rear of the roof so wont be a total removal. reason being at some point my aerial...
  13. J

    key fob syncro?

    It worked, thanks alot guys really appreciate it :-)
  14. J

    key fob syncro?

    Cheers custard i'll give it a whirl and if not then get it on vcds I'll let you know how i get on :-)
  15. J

    key fob syncro?

    I disconnectted my battery the other day and now one of key fobs doesnt work remotely, its not the fob battery. Ove tried a few different methods i found on tinterweb but nothing has worked :-( Any ideas suggestions would be appreciated :-) Thanks
  16. J

    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    heres my dtm which is now for sale, im putting pics up in here and linking this to my advert because it wouldnt let me load any more! will be a sad when she goes :(
  17. J

    The start of the new Xbox gaming season begins

    im mega excited about the new gta, heard the world is bigger than the worlds of san andreas, liberty city and red dead combined!! now thats frigging epic, san andreas took ages to get round. also apparently you can play as three main characters, the two that you are not currently using will...
  18. J

    Wonder what his excess was?!

    thats all our premiums going up again to pay for it!!
  19. J

    What do you do for a job?

    im an electro mechanical maintainence engineer, mechanical bias. did retrain as a domestic installer (sparky) but the recession hit and the jobs dried up, typical!!