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  1. Neil C

    Facelift A3 8v real MPG?

    In my experience, cruise control is detrimental to MPG.
  2. Neil C

    Rough remap figures for 150bhp S line?

    Still need a mortgage to buy some. . .:sadlike:
  3. Neil C

    Replacing Xenon Bulbs

    Might be an idea to take it to Audi (or reputable independent garage) and asking them to do it for you. To me the cost would be worth it - no hassle and if they break anything then they have to put it right.
  4. Neil C

    Spark plug in Cylinder 3 with soot?

    Where are you doing 120mph ?:busted cop:
  5. Neil C

    Coil overs for my PFL S3

    Someone on here mentioned Koni Active shocks recently. Apparently they transformed the driving experience for the better. Might be worth a look ?
  6. Neil C

    Alloy wheel question (specifically ET)

    Decent quality spacers would have the lip.
  7. Neil C

    Alloy wheel question (specifically ET)

    You could fit some spacers and have the wheels fill the arches better.
  8. Neil C

    Rear brake overheating

    Exactly the same for me. Apparently it's quite a common A3 8V issue. Just hoping the other side doesn't need replacing any time soon.
  9. Neil C

    S3 facelift Full/High beam headlights

    Did you buy the car from a dealer ?
  10. Neil C

    A3 30 tfsi mpg

    My 2.0 TDi S-Line Sportback 150 gives 50 - 60 MPG consistently, with around 600 miles from a full tank.
  11. Neil C

    Rear wiper keeps stopping mid cycle.

    Yep, sounds like the motor.
  12. Neil C

    White calipers on white S3

    Lime green ?
  13. Neil C

    Timing belt replacement. How often?

    A reputable independent garage should charge around £400 +VAT for a belt and water pump change. Audi (or any other main dealer for that matter) charge steep labour costs, as they have bigger overheads.
  14. Neil C

    Advice on buying a 2017 TDI A3 Quattro

    Air-con condenser. The Achilles Heel of the A3 8V.
  15. Neil C

    Advice on buying a 2017 TDI A3 Quattro

    Not isolated. Had to have the rears replaced on my 2014 Sportback at 5 1/2 years old, when one started to seep.
  16. Neil C

    A3 8V 2.0TDI backbox delete does nothing?

    So would I be right in thinking it has no effect on performance either ?
  17. Neil C

    Android auto for A3 8v pre facelift

    Another one for you I think @DJAlix
  18. Neil C

    S3 eibach creaking

    Sucks when that happens. I had everything checked for wear when it was last in for service, but they couldn't find anything obvious.
  19. Neil C

    S3 eibach creaking

    Thanks for that. I'm just toying with putting new parts on my A3 Sportback, mainly because there has been some low-speed creaking since I bought the car at 2 years old. This has become more noticeable with age. I don't know if I'll go for a complete change, or just renew bushes and top mounts...
  20. Neil C

    S3 eibach creaking

    @goodbuzzman1 Did you change the springs, etc yourself ? If so, was it a straightforward job ?