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    N8 & Shiny Ibis!

    Just wanted to steer you guys to an RS3 that we detailed. Awesome cars! N8 :wub:
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    Kowalski Details v Ibis White RS3

    Hi People, This is a protection detail on an RS3 that we did a few weeks back. The owner wanted a protection detail, the main aim being a thorough cleanse. Due to being a white car the main aim was ensuring that all traces and Iron contamination were completely removed before adding protection...
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    Kowalski Details v E92 320i

    Hey Folks, The owner wanted to spruce up his E92 coupe with a protection detail with a slight bit of enhancement, well he came to the right place! So we start with a very dull and tired looking BMW. Interior was especially neglected The exhaust had seen better days...
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    Kowalski Details now on Facebook!

    Hi Guys & Girls, We have now joined facebook so please pop over and give us a like! Thanks again N8
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    S3 spotted in Ingolstadt

    Not by me :laugh: :ninja:
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    Northwest Members List

    I've just been appointed moderator of this section! :wub: Wanted to put a list together of all the North West Audi Sport members, and I will take it on board to start housing meets, possibly at my yard in Salford, maybe once a month on a Saturday or Sunday? Dependant on what you guys think. So...
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    2013 A3 SB!

    Have a lookie! Picture: Other - 2012-audi-a3-sportback-1.jpg
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    What I've been upto! LOTS of pics!

    Hello ASN Members! Thought I'd do abit of a long progress thread of what I've been doing since last winter with the car, its been a long old road, but majority of everything is now done! So I was quite happy with the car last year on the Polished A8s, it was looking pretty good! A8s were...
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    NHN - Anything he can't do?

    Just wanted to start another appreciation thread about Nigel (yes ANOTHER one :laugh: - see the pattern here?). I’ve had Nige staying with me over the last few days working on the car. Few new mods to get fitted but mostly, issues got sorted! First of all, it was to sort out the new wing...
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    Happy Birthday Ian Kelly!

    It's IanS3's birthday today, he's 29 today! Happy birthday brother & have a good one :wub:
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    Article about Facebook

    Interesting read this: I Deleted My Facebook. - The Madbury Club :: "Welcome To The Club." The reasons why he left are the reasons why I never joined. Thoughts guys?
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    Helios......Round 2!

    Today we had the pleasure of Paul's (Rhymesaka) A3. He had stumbled along the way, across my old KW V2 coilovers via Luke and my old VW Helios via Jason. Here's how it looked when we started, very dirty and neglected! Pulled the car outside, road test and make sure all was ok. Paul's...
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    New S6/S7/S8

    Any of you lot seen this on the Audi website? Meet the S Range < Explore models < Audi UK What beautiful cars, the interiors and the new toys, what can I say? :wub:
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    I Spit On Your Grave

    My GOD! What a film, it is DEEP, I suggest you all watch it.
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    How epic is this?

    I am LOVING it :wub: Engine is saucey All about Alcantara RS steering wheels & headlining :wub:
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    Audi A3 Bristol - R10 ???

    It's a 3 door with S3 facelift kit but no Xenons and the colour is pearly White like the Lamborghini colour and black 18" S3 rims?
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    I Guess I Went "In"

    Hi guys, Been wanting to post this thread up for a while now, but just wanted to keep it under wraps for UD :happy: Its just an update thread really of all the new mods that have been going on over the last few months. I took the car off road midway through November and then I started...
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    RIP V6 Pete

    Hi Guys, I have been informed today that one of our very own forum members "V6 Pete" was tragically involved in a motorcycle accident on Sunday afternoon and has passed away. His close friends and family are all in shock and my thoughts go out to them. I had met Pete a few times and I'd...
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    Early Edition 17/04/11

    Be there or be.............:think:
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    Go home and turn it off