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    audi a4 2.0tdi oil dipstick cap reoval??

    Why won't you get all the oil out?
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    Help please temp guage

    Surely if the engine is over cooling then the ecu will inject more fuel since it thinks the engine is cold . I know the gauge doesn't control anything but the temp sensors that sense the temp of the coolant certainly do control other things. Mine drops to 70 in traffic and when you put the...
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    B8 running temps?

    Looks like mine is faulty then as it hunts between 60+80. I thought it should be sold at 90 once warmed up.
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    B8 running temps?

    Does your b8 tdi run at 90 degrees solidly once warmed up or do you get fluctuations up/down between 70-90? Roughly how many miles from cold until you reach 90 please?
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    Rear parking sensor - price and part number please?

    Anyone know the price and part no. for a 2005 A4 rear praking sensor? I'd like to search for one from Ebay etc so a price and part no. would be great info, Thanks guys!
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    RNS-E Nav and DIS

    Yes you just need access to VAG-COM.
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    Does my SAT NAV need upgrading ?

    SD only. Audi quote 512MB as the max but mine worked just fine with 4GB SD cards. However there is a max file limit per card of 512 per card, so sadly you cant fill each card. The RNS-E will only read the first 512 files it finds.
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    Does my SAT NAV need upgrading ?

    0550 supports TMC already. I guess your current map is 2007? There isnt much difference at all to the 09 maps.
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    RNS-E software / maps

    There is little point in a pure S/W upgrade - very very little changes. You'd be better off getting a 2008/9 map DVD to be honest. If you insist on it though...have you burned the files in a closed session on the CD? (doesnt have to be a DVD) If your doing it, you might as well go to 0650 as...
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    TV in motion via RNS-E

    Do it yourself for free, its easy and only needs a couple of blank CD's.
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    Elsawin and Windows Vista

    Try VirtualMachine instead. I couldnt ever get it to work in compatibility mode.
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    RNS -e How to guide to install guide and advice

    Sounds about right. If you dont think you'd much use from it them just find a member from here near where you live and ask them to help you out.....
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    Are there many A6 owners on here???

    Another one here as well, 3.0 TDI Q Le Mans.
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    sat nav de-coding

    Your local Audi dealer can do it.
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    All traces of Britain slowly being eroded

    Emigrate! Thats my long-term plan.
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    Aaaargh help please I'll give you a million pounds

    John/Nige, while we are on the subject of part numbers! Could one of you see how many rear windows there are available for a 2007/57 A6 saloon? I'm using a Mac so no ETKA currently. Apologies to the OP for hijacking his thread!
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    RNS-e Adapter Cable Question

    BNS is the CD based naviagation option. Its the cheapo nav-option. The RNS-E being the more expensive (and better!) DVD based option.
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    RNS-e Adapter Cable Question

    I'd get a specific adapter for BOSE. A non-BOSE adapter can be made to work but you will need to add/remove wires in it. Not worth the aggro IMO. Try