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  1. NevMan

    Nev's Mini JCW Countryman Detail & Build

    This will cover the initial new car detail and ceramic coating (Gyeon Q2 Synchro), and then any future mods
  2. NevMan

    New BMW M2

    I like a look and good be good timing for me in 2021/2022. Can then compare against new RS3 and others. Will also still offer rear drive or 4WD and manual. What do you all think? Full article:
  3. NevMan


    Selling the above: I had this on my 2018 Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI 252bhp, HOWEVER it will fit (box and wiring loom) on all 2.0 TFSI VAG engines after 2014. All that would then be needed is the correct maps for your car from DTUK themselves, @ £90 INCL VAT. DTUK...
  4. NevMan

    15% off all Michelin Tyres - Today only!,6HAXL,IBYO0A,PPQBY,1 Promotion code: MICH15
  5. NevMan

    Sold 2018 Q5 2.0 TFSI SLINE in Mythos Black

    SOLD Selling my Mar 2018 Q5 here: 12,200 miles. Audi Approved would sell this for £34k+ - Comes with service plan for next big inspection service FOC. - Fully ceramic coated paint, alloys perfect and coated, interior protected. - Folding mirrors - Extended LED lighting - OEM Reversing Camera...
  6. NevMan

    Anyone for the BMW M3 in 2020? Interesting, will be offered in two versions, including manual option :icon thumright: Almost 500bhp!
  7. NevMan

    Facelift M2 Comp vs. RS3 Saloon
  8. NevMan

    Q5 Wanted - 18" / 19" / 20" Alloy Wheels for 2018 FY Q5

    Hi all, Looking for the above for my Q5, with/without winter tyres on. Please note needs to fit FY version and not the Gen1 8R
  9. NevMan

    10% off - Blackcircles - today only!

  10. NevMan

    Your detailing gear

    So, for a bit of fun, what gear do you have and now organised is it? To start this off: - multiple boxes for wash mitts, alloys, polish & pads, microfibres (this is a BIG box), drying towels. - a caddy for using regular stuff like shampoo, wheel cleaner, iron out, window cleaner, quick...
  11. NevMan

    4 wheel alignment - Glocs/Wiltshire

    Looking to get my alignment checked with just over 5k on the clock. Can anyone recommend a company in the above areas - Cheltenham, Gloucester, Swindon, Cirencester ideally.
  12. NevMan

    New 600bhp RS7 announced to include plug in hybrid, due in 2018
  13. NevMan

    What do you use to remove dreaded bird droppings from your pride and joy?

    Interested to hear what everyone uses? Unless doing the obvious full snowfoam/wash etc, if I spot one when I am in a rush I: 1. Swear profusely, and threaten to shoot them all. (birds that is). 2. Grab a clean MF & QD spray (Keep in boot, rotating after each use). 3. Spray on whilst holding MF...
  14. NevMan

    Q5 18" Winter Tyres on Q5?

    I have a set of winter tyres from my A6 Avant, that I am wondering whether I can use for my Q5 as a winter set-up. Would obviously need to source 18" Alloys, as I have 19"s on the car. Details as follows: Current set-up: 19” alloys with 235/55 R19 My winter Tyres: 245/45/18
  15. NevMan

    10% off Michelin, Goodyear & Avon Tyres - today only!

    All, If in need of tyres, use FLASH10 at Minimum 2 tyres to qualify This is valid for TODAY ONLY - 30th of July
  16. NevMan

    MMI Connection to car from MMIConnect

    Hi, Can someone tell me how I establish a connection, or explain the below: - No connection to vehicle possible - Initiate connection to MMI in myAudi app. - I have set-up everything (I think in myAudi App) I have connection to the vehicle in the sense I can review mileage, oil, fuel...
  17. NevMan

    Word of Warning - Don't use

    All, As above, I fell foul of ordering some product from the above, assuming they were the "official" CG site (I was a newbie and didn't know about @polishedbliss, @slimsdetailing, @ultimatefinish, @cleanyourcar etc and ordered a few items. A month on, I am still waiting for the order to be...
  18. NevMan

    18" Audi A4/A6 S-line alloy wheels -Grey Anthracite

    Selling my 18" Original Audi S-Line alloys, recently refurbished in grey anthracite. Comes with brand new valves, and includes the black centre caps. WHEELS - PCD: 5 x 112 - Offset (ET): 39 - Rim width: 8J - Centre bore size: 66.6mm -...
  19. NevMan

    Audi A1 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 2.0 3.0 TDi Superchips Bluefin ECU Remap BF06-VAGH-T

    I am selling my bluefin that was used on Audi A6 2.0 TDI ultra 190ps, and has been reset ready for new map to be provided FOC by SuperChips They sell for £499. My Buy it now is £249.00, but would sell to forum member for £200 As per my auction, you need...
  20. NevMan

    Newbie collecting Q5 on Saturday

    Hi all, I thought I had posted yesterday, but can't seem to find, so here goes again.... Been in and around forum for some time, but more active in the past few weeks as I mulled over changing my A6 Avant for a new Q5. Never been a patient person (especially when it comes to cars), so ordered...