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  1. The Slug

    My new motor!

    clicky here
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    S6 Avant no more...

    ...yes the beast will be moving on shortly! But ive got me something quite different and something i never thought id be driving especially in my 30's ha! I will post some pics up once i collect it which hopefully should be by this weekend!! Woohoo!!
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    HD Streaming....Best sites!

    Hi, I was looking into the online streaming of HD content, mainly movies and possibly TV too.....seems that Netflix is the only decent company that do HD streaming, trouble being its States only! Bummer....have looked at the UK equivalents like LoveFilm and couple of others but they dont seem to...
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    Possible sale S6 AVANT

    S6 Avant Fully Spec'd - Classifieds
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    iMac 27" Quad Core i7.....

    ....on its way! You beauty lol Anyone else got one? Question....I saw awhile back a company were developing a device so that you could run the PS3 thru the displayport on this superb screen, has anyone had any experience and could recommend one? TIA :thumbsup:
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    R32 ARBS Part Numbers and cost

    Can the mods make this a sticky as it may be very useful info..... This is what i had done many years ago and it works very well..... Part numbers as requested: R32 ARB's Front and rear..... 1J0411305AF - STABILIZER 1J0411314T - RUBBER MOUNT (NEED 2) 1J0411336D - CLIP (NEED 2)...
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    Couples Retreat

    Top film, good cast, funny and boy do i wanna stop at that island, but at an average cost of 10 grand a week per person....i may have to wait until i win the lottery :P
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    RNS-E with Iphone

    Any thoughts on this, I want to upgrade my RNS-D to the E and connect my iPhone to it, but i want to use iPhone as my media centre, ie Video playback onto satnav screen, and play music through it....Now im guessing it could only work through AV inputs? Does the RNS-E have AV inputs as standard?
  9. The Slug

    Router issues....try this fix

    Anyone with router problems try this firmware, it's basically Free firmware which you can pretty much customize all your setting and can even set the power higher for wireless to boost signal strenght etc.. I can 100% recommend it, even if your not to savvy just leave it on basic...
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    Pioneer: AVIC-F910BT

    I am toying with the idea of having one of these (Pioneer: AVIC-F910BT) But the question is can i use it with my existing Bose system? Currently have RNS-D with Bose....advice would be much appreciated.
  11. The Slug

    BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) Anybody going to watch any of these races, have been to a few over last couple of years. It's a shame Andrew Jordan isnt racing for Vauxhall this year, as they have now pulled out! He's a good lad and Mike his dad, know them well and get to do all their...
  12. The Slug

    Porsche cup rims.....what do you think to these beauties ;)

    Managed to get some sunshine today soo thought ****** it, get em on and shine up the motor, been about 3 months since it had a good clean as we've just hadn't had the weather......soo what do you think? :) They are mighty massive on the...
  13. The Slug

    5TH GEAR....tonight my mate........

    ......has his bus on the racing another bus by Tiff and Plato ....took 10hrs of film for about 6mins on the program....madness lol :thumbsup:
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    RS4 B6 ...did they.........

    .........ever make anything, cuz ive never seen one lol.....
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    Make sure you listen to the Father and son joke towards the end, gets me every time
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    Whilst over Yorkshire over the bank jollies, i noticed this is on at Chatsworth....anyone thinking of going? LINKY BEST WORK THIS TIME LOL
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    Rear tail lights for saloon A6 & S6.....

    found this guys/girls, few people were liking these, so i came across this and thought i would post the link....
  19. The Slug

    Now a proud owner of............ S6 Avant!! yippy!!! will post up some pics soon :rock:
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    This is awesome!! iPod for in the car

    Hey guys thought u might like to know after asking on here and doing some research, i found this little beauty! Basically its an FM Transmittor, so u plug it into ya iPod or any other MP3 player or DVD etc.. using the 3.5mm jack! So works with anything, it then transmits a radio signal in FM...