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  1. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    Does anybody have Subwoofer Control with the B&O syetem

    So after fitting a new sub and amp along side the stock effort from Audi, I have tried to tune my new setup and found in my search efforts that my cars manual says I have subwoofer control.... But I don't. Bass and treble adjust only. Does anybody have subwoofer control? What equipment am I...
  2. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    Recommend Subwoofer and AMP for Audi S5

    I have the usual complaint for S/A5 sportback owners. Audi pointed the subwoofer at the floor in the boot... Under the spare wheel... Under the carpet.... Under a boot protector... Under a carpet that sits in the boot protector... Under the shopping that goes on top of it all. I'm would...
  3. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    Rent A Ramp, Car service meet up.

    Trying to gauge who would be interested in meeting up as a group to service our cars at one of the "rent a ramp"/"self service garages" that are available. I'm not a trained mechanic but even I think I can do an oil change. No idea of location yet until I see who would be interested and where...
  4. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    Project Binky

    A must watch for car folk. The only bad news is it's not finished yet for anybody who gets hooked on the 28 episodes... And you will get hooked.
  5. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    Supercharger oil change?

    Is this even a thing? Spotted this ad for supercharger oil on eBay while trolling through for anything for an S5. "This ad is for a bottle of latest high specification synthetic turbine oil manufactured by British Petroleum suitable for Eaton supercharger gear applications – this oil actually...
  6. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    Audi A5/S5 Airbox. 3.0Tdi fit 3.0Tfsi?

    Constructive criticism is welcome. But if its simply something you wouldn't do to your car then don't tell me. Since I am getting an MRC remap in a couple of weeks I have been looking at the modifications that they do to the standard air box. I think they drill holes to open up the blanked...
  7. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    S5 stage 1 Remap MRC

    I have finally booked in at MRC Scotland but until February they don't use a rolling road for the map but I still think an MRC no rolling road map will still be marginally better than APR or Revo map. But this means no Dyno till February when the rolling road is up and running . I'm only going...
  8. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    Another alloy wheel thread (Sense check required)

    So, for a few reasons including how expensive the OEM rotor alloys are to buy and/or refurb diamond cut I have deiced to just buy a new set rather than fix/replace what I have including buying spacers. I think the OEM's will be my winter wheels. Before I do can somebody who knows for sure...
  9. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    Brake caliper badge rotten.

    So my 4 year old S5 caliper badges were more than a little bit ruff looking. 1. Take them off, just pry up gently at each end. 2. Sand down. 3. Spray silver. 4. Apply decals. 5. Coat with clear. 6. Install. I bought all the stuff and spent 45 mins trying to gently remove them. Then...
  10. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    Revo, when do they tend to do a sale?

    Just picked up my S5 and want to use Revo remap to get to stage 1. I don't want to be that one person who bought a sofa from DFS at full price. I missed a 20% off flash sale not long ago but didn't own the car at that point. And I think Black Friday last year was 25% off. Does any body know...
  11. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    Any Active VCDS users, Near FIFE?

    Anybody willing to activate the green menu in my S5? and any other hidden options you might know about that are worth activating. Also read how many, if any Launch controlled starts my car has made, only got it a week ago so I'm hoping NONE! Fife area but more than willing to travel, any...
  12. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    2014 S5. Is a start/stop button normal?

    Looking at swapping my A4 for a 2014 S5 and I have found one I like but it has a start/stop button, this is the only S5 I have seen it on. Have I found a rare gem? (Thinking not) Has this car already been fiddled with? Help as always much appreciated.
  13. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    A4 B8 Subwoofer not working.

    The subwoofer is not working but all other speakers in the doors are. The subwoofer does have a fit now and again depending on the music played but it only fits for 1 second sounding all distorted then goes dead again. Does this sound like the AMP or the sub itself, I've had the parcel shelf...
  14. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    AMI Install A4 B8 (Not paying £240 for a glove box!)

    Looking for an easyish way to install the AMI in my original glove box. There are some parts listed for the glove box that look like they can help. (Clicky for parts page) Parts 25 and 27. Does anybody know if the AMI fits into the same housing as the CD changer? is it even the same size...
  15. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    New car to me, V6 3.0 TDI with worrying noise! (With Vid)

    Car is new to me but at tick over there is a noise that is worrying me. Please tell me this is just paranoia! The sounds seems to come from the drivers side but it is hard to tell.
  16. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    New B8 Owner in Fife

    Hello, I am the proud owner on a Meteor Grey A4 S-line in fife. I say proud but ****** hell Audi did you have to make every toy an optional extra on a high spec car! Too many mods to do! Great for me, bad for my wife.