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  1. wesley

    Strange Problem with esp

    Hi Guys, I've just purchased a 53reg S3, when i go to start the car i don't get the esp symbol lighting up on the dash, nor does it light up on a bulb test using vcds output test. I've checked the clocks and the led bulb hasn't been covered up or anything like that. whilst driving pressing the...
  2. wesley

    MTM Bimoto and TTRS Brakes

    Hi All, Does anyone know if 18" MTM Bimotos will fit my S3 with a TTRS Brake kit on?? There ET50 so that isnt a problem, just i know most people run 19" with this Brake set up. Thanks
  3. wesley

    Cruise control on 2005

    Hi can somebody please confirm if cruise control is a straight fit on a 2005 model 2.0 tdi sport or will it need the extra wire fitting? Also will it have full functionality? Thanks
  4. wesley

    Favour please from S3 owner

    Please could an S3 owner try the following for me as i think i may have a engine fault. When the car is idling can you remove the oil cap and see if the engine tries to suck it back on as your pulling the cap away, and also does the engine start to run rough, also when you pull the dipstick out...
  5. wesley

    VF Engineering CAI on S3

    Anybody fitted one of these? Your thoughts please, Also where can i purchase one in the UK??
  6. wesley

    S3 cruise control retro fit

    Hi all, has anyone with on 07 plate retrofitted the cruise control,was going to order the parts today but Audi say i might need to change the Ecu!! Surely a car of this age has the ability to add cruise without a new ecu?? So if anyone has done this was it just swap the stalk and vcds it?
  7. wesley

    Faulty sensor maybe in less than a month!

    Hi all, i recently got an error code on vag com saying that the G62 sensor was faulty, basically the top error of these 2. I changed what i thought was the sensor which is just behind the throttle body. The car is an A3 03 plate 2.0 tdi. Can anyone confirm if the sensor i changed sounds like the...
  8. wesley

    Tyre Pressures

    Been wondering if everyone uses the recommended tyre pressures on their S3 that Audi recommend on the fuel flap. I think if i remember correctly that the front tyres needed something like 9 psi more than the back , this seems a lot to me?? What tyre pressures do you use on standard 18's?
  9. wesley

    Phatnoise lead

    Just bought myself a new Phatnoise only to find the lead they supply is supposed to join up with the original boot changer lead, All so simple if my car was to have a boot changer lol, Just wondering if there is any way round this?? Im wanting to connect it up to my RNS-E with a quad lock...
  10. wesley

    Milltek snapped!!!

    Been thinking over the past few weeks my car has been under performing and that it has started to get louder. Checked all the CAI for any leaks, and also jacked the car up today to find my Milltek has snapped completely all the way round the the weld on the middle box, I couldnt belive it when i...
  11. wesley

    Pic request please

    Has anyone got a pic of there 8p S3 with a milltek on, I need a pic of the back box viewed from the rear of the car, had mine fitted a while now but im sure its dropped down at the back , as the twin pipes seem to have a large gap above them inbetween the pipes and bumper!!
  12. wesley

    Nice easy one!!

    Can someone please shed some light on these faults for me as im struggling to sort them out,thanks in advance. Ps i have sorted the window fault. VCDS Version: Release 805.2 Data version: 20090111 Friday,30,January,2009,22:57:21:29101 Chassis Type: 1K0 Scan: 01 03 08 09 15 16 17 19 25 42 44...
  13. wesley

    00655 - Seat Belt Tensioner Igniter Passenger Side (N154)

    i have just done a scan on my girlfriends Tdi 130 mk iv golf because the airbag light keeps staying on. I get the error code 00655 - Seat Belt Tensioner Igniter Passenger Side (N154) . What exactly is the seat belt tensioner?? I was under the inpression it was a device under the seat that snaps...
  14. wesley

    Some excellent goodies from across the water! some things on here are a lot lot cheaper than over here.
  15. wesley

    Uprated Clutch

    Hi guys,after having recent mods done to my S3 im finding the clutch cant take the power now and is slipping a lot,have any of you upgraded your clutches yet,if so ant recomendations/prices as a guideline for me as i am going to have to get it replaced very soon as its annoying me,im looking...
  16. wesley

    Vag Com key coding

    Hello al,Ok i purchased a hex can usb lead a few weeks ago and have done most of the coding i needed to do on my own car but now a friend has asked me to help im out,basically when he bought his car second hand they only gave him a normal type key,not one with the buttons on for the alarm. If he...
  17. wesley

    Dbilas on S3

    Has anyone got a Dbilas itted to there S3? If so can you tell me did the flexible black pipe that goes inbetween the two aluminium pipes come with the kit or was it an original part off the car re used?
  18. wesley

    Uploading pics

    Hi all , i want to add some pics of my car to the 'post pics of your car' thread but cannot seem to upload a picture,can someone please point me in the right direction thanks?:thumbsup:
  19. wesley

    Giac plus milltek

    Well i finally did it today after messing about deciding what remap to get. I have finally decided to go for a GIAC hammer map and a full milltek turbo back, Have booked in with Steve jnr at Statller in sheffield after reading a few posts about how he is so helpful and willing to explain...
  20. wesley

    SDS update on rns-e

    Has anyone done the SDS update on the RNS-E,if so how long does it normally take the rnse to update off the cd as mine has been displaying 'loading cd' for over 20 mins now?