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  1. Gareth_RS3

    S4 alloys

    The replicas are like rocking horse s**t and are quite heavy too, use pdc adpators they act as spacers then too job done
  2. Gareth_RS3

    Just brought a S3

    Ive now sold that car But... it was a backdraft hybrid went pretty well imo, it wasnt pushed to the limits though in terms of mapping and i never had it on a rolling road. However it was certainly quicker than a stage 2 s3 and was quicker than quite a few things in a straight line 8p S3...
  3. Gareth_RS3

    New S3 8L Owner.

    Yeah mate need to update my sig really im not on here too much anymore, im in a mint 40k nogaro blue 8l now. I did sell the red one to raise funds for an 8p S3 but decided againt it in the end, im going euro (ish) with this one though. ive seen some wheels which i really want which are...
  4. Gareth_RS3

    Few pics after visiting the sea side....

    Car looks good mate, how you finding the JOM coilovers? Are these the ebay jobbies?
  5. Gareth_RS3

    Just brought a S3

    Mate you wont be able to make a genuine 280 out of a standard k04 best bet is to either get a custom map stage one as you have a decat to see about 260ish or to go full hybrid conversion for 300ish you'll need FMIC Uprated rods to cope with more torque Full turbo back system includin 3"...
  6. Gareth_RS3

    New S3 8L Owner.

    Welcome to the site lloyd pretty sure you 'll give in sooner or later and at least get it mapped Sorry to hijack the thread but kev any new pics since the bodywork etc
  7. Gareth_RS3

    Stainless Steel Adjustable Rear Tie Arms Update

    Dave any news on these im deffo going to need a set pretty soon to go with my coilovers, so if your still going ahead put me down for a set cheers
  8. Gareth_RS3

    8L S3 vs 8P A3

    From my experience an 8l S3 even when mapped would be slightly behind a standard 8p most make more than the 265 that audi claim, my old car as per my sig was only just ahead of a standard 8p. I still think the 8l is prettier though :)
  9. Gareth_RS3

    Selling a higher milage S3

    How much you thinking of putting it up for?
  10. Gareth_RS3

    S3/TT Performance clutches

    What sort of power are you running mate? Best bet is the uprated sachs item think most people have gone down that route. Before I sold mine i was going to fit a fidanza lightened duel mass flywheel with the sachs item which supposed to be a good combo pm me if you want anymore details as im...
  11. Gareth_RS3

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my head

    Would have come from the factory with a ko3 bud for sure doesnt matter if it is a facelift or not.
  12. Gareth_RS3

    Workshop time to fit a clutch

    Yeah 8 hours is right is a big job im told. HA one garage quoted me 12hrs laughed and put the phone down, its a lot longer on a s3 than a 2wd a3 though thats for sure
  13. Gareth_RS3


    Yeah go for it mate, im doing mine soon should be good. Im thinking of losing the audi rings too cant hurt in being a bit different, or maybe spray the rings grey or black, on a silver car would look good. Deffo lose the a3 and 1.6 for sure though.
  14. Gareth_RS3

    Looking to buy...

    If i had 9k to spend on an s3 I would too be looking at a big turbo with all the right suspension goodies for good measure aswel. Probably just a case of being patient the right one will come up eventually I would say be prepared to travel though. As for insurance im 21 with 4 years no claims...
  15. Gareth_RS3

    Looking to get another S3

    If it could be had at the right money a would say go for it and then have it properly serviced including the cambelt and waterpump that way its done out of the way aswel.
  16. Gareth_RS3

    Updates with my A3

    New wheels look awesome, I was thinkin about a set for mine for ages but just dont seem to look right on a s3, look bang on, on yours though mate good work. Ive got to say i think the lights are a bit chavvy but each to their own dude, you planning on going lower? i think you should :)
  17. Gareth_RS3

    Looking at buying an S3 (£6.5k)

    If i were you i would forget the idea of searching for a bam engined one. 210 and 225 are very very difficult to tell apart as standard and both remap to the same figure so its either or in that department too IMO. The only must for me was that it had to be a facelift version looks streets ahead...
  18. Gareth_RS3

    New S3 Owner :-)

    I would have thought u would be running close to 300 bhp already if you go by what jabba claim. If you are thinking of fitting a 3" DP and cats and mapped to suit then you should be looking at about 320bhp and 340lb/ft i think. Would need consider upgrading internals at those figures though...
  19. Gareth_RS3

    Servicing questions

    360 bhp :) get the spec and some pics up soon for sure!
  20. Gareth_RS3

    Which suspension for my 8L?

    I'd consider the ap coilover kit mate been in two s3's now with them fitted and cant fault it one bit, not harsh at all IMO, the kit is £400 too.