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    Facelift S3: What is your oil temp?

    106 here, did drop to 96 when I was running an older racing line map but back to 106 now i'm on an updated map.
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    Lowering Springs

    That's not normal. @DJAlix had the similar issue with his lowering springs and yes it is an mot fail if your springs are not under tension with no weight on the wheels.
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    Anyone with Stage 2 S3 PF?

    Serviced how? An Audi service (i.e. just the haldex oil flushed) or a proper service with the filter cleaned and oil replaced?
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    New Exhaust Audi S3 8V

    Also depends if you are talking cat back or turbo back system.
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    Auto dipping passenger mirror

    Ahhh I never realised you actually had to drive forward lol. I thought it would be just based on a forward gear selection.
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    Auto dipping passenger mirror

    I've got folding mirrors, sorry should have said.
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    Auto dipping passenger mirror

    Yeah it never goes back to normal position unless I centre the mirror select knob.
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    Auto dipping passenger mirror

    My previous m135i used to auto dip the passenger wing mirror when reversing and put it back to normal once back in a forward gear. It looks my S3 does this if the mirror select dial is set to the passenger mirror but it never goes back to normal position after dipping unless I move the mirror...
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    Traction light

    Never had it on in mine apart from today in the wet booting it off a roundabout exit.
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    Help! Repair nightmare.

    Why did you pay for it to be fixed the first time and then go warranty route the second?
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    Expensive First Service?!

    First service and haldex service for £174. "Drops mic and leaves"
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    oil leak from 'transfer box area'

    The transfer box takes the drive from the gearbox at the front and sends it to the rear via propshaft that runs down the middle of the car. It's not the gearbox and not the haldex unit.
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    What do people think to this? DTUK TCU flash

    Until somebody tries it, reports on it etc I would steer clear. Much rather go to somewhere that has a tried and tested TCU map and that can revert it if necessary.
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    DAB Radio Keeps Changing Station

    I've had this when I used to keep my phone in my shorts leg pocket. Going round corners it used to press against the volume control button in the centre console causing the radio to skip frequencies. Took me a while to figure it out lol
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    S3 V Golf R

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    S3 V Golf R

    I've done this before with a bike we had literally bought brand new 20 mins before. Cost my a couple of hundred pounds to get the roof filled and sprayed by a dent company. Luckily only damage to the bike was a bent seat post.
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    What do i need yo lower car apart from springs

    Sometimes it's worth changing the strut top mounts depending on their age.
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    Facelift Unicorn Stage 1 Considerations

    I've got racing line OEM+ stage 1 map (now shark performance map since they bought shark outright and i had the reflash for lots of minor issues with the original OEM+ map) and did the DSG just as a precaution. What I can say (for at least the combo that I have) is that the gear change is...
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    A3 water pump change

    That sounds about right . It's a front off job to get at the water pump.
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    S3 Exhaust Tips - Wicked Coatings

    They probably didn't want the work then. My local wheel referb place charged me £40.