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  1. Beebee-one

    New AWE SwitchPath exhaust - claimed power gains???

    I see that AWE Tuning have launched a new exhaust system for the FL car called SwitchPath. I was listening to the video of their demo on their website and scrolled down to the dyno chart section. In the description of how their new product works I noticed they claim some interesting peak/max...
  2. Beebee-one

    Stuff you dont like or dont need on your RS3

    Had my car a few weeks now (not counting the week the dealer had it recently) and can't remember enjoying a car as much. However, nothing is perfect so I thought I would list a few things that I actually don't like about the options or standard items fitted to the car. Note: this is not about...
  3. Beebee-one

    RS3 gremlins

    I am 3 weeks into ownership and while the car has generally been fantastic, but there have been a couple of incidents which have clouded the experience. On the first day of ownership after around 150 miles, the car cut out on me just as I was driving out of a local car park (felt like it was...