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  1. Jameze

    Lesson learned - £50 cancellation fee

    I thought it would be prudent to share my first experience of Sky Insurance with ASN. Backstory; my renewal quote this year was around £780. I phoned Sky Insurance hoping they could beat that given that I was a member of ASN and would receive 20% discount and a competitive price. They came back...
  2. Jameze

    R.I.P. Robin Williams

    Absolutely gutted. A celebrity death hasn't hit me this hard since Steve Irwin. "If you're that depressed, reach out to someone. And remember, suicide is a permanent solution, to a temporary problem." - Robin Williams RIP - thanks for all the laughs!
  3. Jameze

    Auto windows - 2012 S3 Sport back

    As Pluves said, just pull the switch until the window closes and hold it there for a few seconds. Do the same with the window down for good measure. This should 're-calibrate' things and hopefully work. It's happened to me a couple of times before - easy fix.
  4. Jameze

    Brits Abroad..... How far is too far?

    Magaluf. AKA Sh*g-a-scruff. Her parents must be thrilled!
  5. Jameze


    This is a good thread idea! My strange coincidence (or rather my mum's) is that my mum bought a brand new car years ago (black Ford Fiesta) and the reg allocated to it was YE53WBW. 5 years later she sold it and bought herself another brand new car (again, black Ford Fiesta) and the reg...
  6. Jameze

    lol getting picked on

  7. Jameze

    NEW: Picture game

    This was tried last year but didn't really take off... Maybe this one will be more of a success??
  8. Jameze

    Led lights help!

    There's no way to brighten the DRL's when you switch to side lights. Do as Artimus says and just enable Scandinavian mode - it illuminates your tail lights when the switch is in the DRL position so there's not much need for the 'side lights' switch. I've got it enabled on mine and I no longer...
  9. Jameze

    What do you hate???

    It's probably been mentioned umpteen times in this thread but people who don't indicate! Particularly on motorways, that's just ***** and suicidal. I was following an idiot this morning on the M1 in his silly little Kia who was just prancing about from lane to lane, overtaking and squeezing...
  10. Jameze

    Door locks 'clicking'

    So I managed to get the car scanned and found the following faults... 2 Faults Found 00929 - Locking Module for Central Locking. Front Passenger Side (F221) 008 - Implausible Signal 00106 - Signal Central Locking SAVE/LOCK Passenger Side 008 - Implausible Signal That's also the same...
  11. Jameze

    TPMS Warning Light (TPMS NOT installed though...)

    Firstly, apologies for another TPMS thread... there's loads about recently. This one is slightly different though... I originally followed all the guidance found in the threads you've seen knocking about and tried to retrofit this into my car. But, being a MY10, I came across the same problem...
  12. Jameze

    boot pop?

    Exactly what I came here to say. I was interested in this a while back but then discovered loads of people complaining that it just knackers things eventually due to the strength of them. I can't remember specifics but it put me right off!
  13. Jameze

    Door locks 'clicking'

    It's definitely not that, it doesn't just happen when I'm driving, it can happen when I first unlock the doors or when I arrive back and take the keys out of the ignition. There's no pattern to when it occurs / how many times it does it, it's just random and irritating. It definitely sounds...
  14. Jameze

    Corrupt ebay buyers?

    That's appalling! Seems to me like eBay couldn't be bothered with this one and took the easy option. It's no wonder people try it on.
  15. Jameze

    What do you hate???

    People who don't leave you feedback as a seller on eBay! And eBay generally. Too many scammers, fakes and eejots.
  16. Jameze

    Door locks 'clicking'

    I've had an issue lately whereby the door locks are randomly 'clicking' by themselves. By clicking I mean... When you lock or unlock the doors, the locks 'clunk'. If you press the lock / unlock button again when the doors are already locked / unlocked, then the car makes a quieter 'clicking'...
  17. Jameze

    Bought an Audi A3 8P with retrofitted RNS-E. Need to connect existing OEM aux to it.

    Welcome! Have a look on here mate, see if any of this helps...
  18. Jameze

    What Type of Audi do you have and why?

    A3 2.0TDI Black Edition - 140BHP. - A3 for the size. I wasn't ready to get a 'dad' car yet (anything bigger than a hatchback!). - Sportback because my former car was 3 doors and I hated people stepping on my door cills climbing into the back. - Diesel for economy driving to / from work...
  19. Jameze

    What do you hate???

    The gap down the side of my seat. There's enough change down there to put down a deposit on a house! It's impossible to reach though :(
  20. Jameze

    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    That's a shame, you've been trying to get this right for absolutely ages but there comes a time when enough is enough. Hopefully the loom will prove more successful. I look forward to it! Thanks for trying though :hi: