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    2 secs on Google finds me this - Hope that helps clarify for you.
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    Just impulse bought an A4... what to look out for?

    Other common issues with A4's are front wiper spindles seize (slow wipers), rear wiper problems (water leaks / wiper malfunctions in various ways), electric window regulators fail, glove box hinge and/or damper breaks / fails. Front wings rust. Nice cars though.
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    Tailgate problem

    Removing trim thread -
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    Tailgate problem

    Almost certainly a duff microswitch in the lock mech. A new mech is the only answer I'm afraid. Easy to do once you manage to get the trim off [emoji41] There are several threads on that particular subject in the forum.
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    I'm at my whitts end!!!

    Heater - pull back top heater hose where it goes into the bulkhead until the small hole in the pipe clears the tube. The bleed nipple for the engine itself is on the metal pipe over the top of the engine. (Take the plastic trim cover off - then you'll see it). Have you got a Haynes? pm me your...
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    I'm at my whitts end!!!

    Have you bled the heater matrix AND the engine itself?
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    I'm at my whitts end!!!

    Very similar to that I experienced just after the w/pump and timing belt was changed. Turned out that I also had a fault temp sender (the one at the back of the cylinder head) - that was what was causing the radiator fan problems. (Well, in my case, it was on constantly) Other issue was that...
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    2.0 TDI oil pump / balance shaft failure?

    Out of interest, at what point did this problem cease to be a problem? Or is it still a problem? I only ask as my old B6 needs changing and the B7 is one obvious choice, or a Passat, or a Seat. One of which I drove today and was very impressed with. Mind you, I also drove a V70 Volvo and might...
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    Boot thingie

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    Boot thingie

    Just breaking up. Thick end of £50 for a new pair it seems, from Audi.
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    Boot thingie

    Clearly this is gubbed - well, they both are. What's it called please? Anyone have the part #? Or even a decent set looking for a new home?
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    New plugs in and wow

    - - - it's made it? Wonderful? Faster? Totally crap? :-)
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    Coolant at engine rear / yellow sludge

    I would suspect your analysis is correct. Most probably the coolant flange. As to the sludge, I had similar (clearly seen in the header tank) thanks to my garage mixing different types of coolant. I don't know what was in there when I got the car of course, probably Audi's finest. I don't know...
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    Feed up of not finding tools so today

    Nice! I can attest to Halfords life-time warranty / replacement - broke an extension bar last year, from a set which must be 15 years old. Replaced without question, and with a rather better one as that's what they had. Mind you, I also have a much older set (maybe 30 years now) from Halfords...
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    N/s front knocking. Not arms!

    I have the same - 150,000 miles - the car sailed through MoT last year with the same symptoms. New lower arms and ARB links went on late last year. I've had it put on the MoT ramp and the garage used the "shaker" plates - no play anywhere, and I was watching and checking myself too. Much sucking...
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    Brake pads light on

    Wear sensors only on the front. Both sides. As noted, the wires corrode and give false warnings. One fix / botch is just to bridge them. Light goes out, but of course you then have no low-pad warnings. Like in the old days.
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    a4 2.0t dtm temp gauge

    Thermostat as suggested - CTS sensor also known to be problematic.
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    hello. need bit of advice. audi a4 3.0 my fuse box dosnt match up to my panel sticker.

    Perhaps someone replaced the side panel? Intrigued by this "torpedo shaped thing". I dont have a torpedo shaped thing as far as I can recall, well, not amongst my wires anyway. Picture?
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    B6 rear light - fuse?

    Thanks John - seemingly not on mine tho - - - hey ho - I suppose I could just pull fuses one after the other, but then again, perhaps not.