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  1. iamwhatiammomo

    Reversing Sensor - MMI View

    Hi hope you’re all well. I’ve had my S3 for a week now, and wondered if the parking sensor should come up on screen (visual version). The other day whilst reversing it popped up on screen and was working visually but hasn’t appeared again. can’t seem to find a setting in the MMI for it so not...
  2. iamwhatiammomo

    Front grille

    I have a pre facelift SE model a3 and I need a new front grille, not many available on eBay and I don't really wanna pay showroom prices. Is it worth buying an insurance approved part or should I go for an actual Audi part? 2008 a3 1.6 SE so under the 05-08 model.. Thanks
  3. iamwhatiammomo

    Timing belt issue

    I have a 08 1.6 petrol (sb) that just hit 60K miles so I got my timing Belt changed last weekend.. Yesterday I noticed after I change gears (noticed in 2nd & 3rd) and speed up there's a whistling noise. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. iamwhatiammomo

    Boot clip

    Hi, one of the clips of from the boot has come out of the small hole.. The clip to hold the boot cover which attaches with the string.. I can't push the clip back in because it's wider than the hole.. Anyone know how I can knock it back in? Thanks
  5. iamwhatiammomo

    Mobile police units

    Got picked up for speeding & I swear to god he must have been hiding in a bush or something! Clear road, what's worse is I wasn't even hammering it. 3 points & most definitely a high premium next year - so bye to a chance of an s3!
  6. iamwhatiammomo


    S5's on sale on the trader for around 18K with approx 40K mileage and less.. That can't be right surely? The s5's are as cheap as s3's? Did they depreciate that much that quickly?
  7. iamwhatiammomo

    The Boot/ trunk etc

    So everyone has a boot right? Lol anyways the button to unlock the boot is quite useless.. Is there any sort of mod that when you press the unlock boot button from the key the boot actually opens up (rises) like mercs etc rather than just unlocking where you have to press and lift? Thanks
  8. iamwhatiammomo

    Buff or....

    Not very good pictures (iphone) will these scratches come off with a good buff or will it require chips away or something got fill?
  9. iamwhatiammomo


    Hi, I have a 08 plate audi a3 1.6 'SE' version without foglights. My question is what parts would i need? & how difficult is the job? thanks
  10. iamwhatiammomo


    Hi, Just bought the dension gateway 100 after months on contemplating.. If anyones got one, how easy/or hard whichever you look at it, is it to install?.. also is it possible to rather than place wire through to the compartment box, to pushing the wire from under the centre console unit, so the...
  11. iamwhatiammomo

    Small but ANNOYING

    Can anyone confirm that the dipped lights icon on the dial lights up green?.. the main beam, the fog light etc seem to be lighting up perfectly but the dipped beam icon light doesn't come on & im sure it did before or is that just me?
  12. iamwhatiammomo

    A3 Car shaking when stationary

    Hi sorry if this has been posted before but i have a 2008 SE model 1.6 petrol audi a3, when my cars stationary or idle the car shakes or wobbles, which you can clearly feel and i can clearly see the front headlights flicker with the motion of the shaking.. Only when idle car is perfectly fine...