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  1. leach76

    Help Clutch pedal issue after new clutch fitted

    Hello your help if you may i have had the uprated sach clutch fitted last week and gradually since then i have had an issue with the clutch pedal not returning to its original position but this only happens after down changing ie slowing down for lights or to turn a corner etc Now there are...
  2. leach76

    A few pics of my new purchase S3 and detailing link

    Hello just thought i would share some pics as i got this in august but then didnt tax it until september and since then its had a detail and my mates company and has had the stage 1 giac map and i have fittem my evoms intake,as for future plans who knows later rear lamps are a definate at some...
  3. leach76

    Merlin purple S3 reg no. S3 XLF is this anyone on here's old car?

    Or does anyone know the owner ? the car is for sale at the minute and wouldnt mind finding out a bit more about it if possible,any help appreciated
  4. leach76

    Sheffield,South yorkshire and anybody else who might be bothered

    I dont know if any of you are interested but my friend who owns distinctive detailing is having an open day on the 3rd of june,the day has been set up with the Mitsi lancer register but if your local it could be a decent day with some nice cars there,for instructions of how to get there please...
  5. leach76

    30-130 live updated results from RAF Marham

    30-130 Results 6.38 30-130 thats motoring , John Hurds polo done ok for a 1.4 and Steve from Statller not doing back either,anyone from here down there ?
  6. leach76

    Rear washer pipe split or popped connector near head lining

    Has anyone had this ?,i had the problem last year when the wiper motor freezes up throwing water into the tailgate so this year when very cold i havn't used it,but tonight noticed rear washer jets were very weak so tried clearing them and noticed a puddle under drivers quarter panel on the...
  7. leach76


    As the above we went there yesterday at knaresbrough with my mate and some of the lads from the mitsi evo owners club,the day itself was good some beautiful cars and placed at a nice unit,the day started out with usual how to wash your car apart from the jet-wash didnt work so we went inside...
  8. leach76

    Sponsorsing required and help will do,please read

    Sorry. Sorry. This is a good friend of the family who even though has had many of problems himself in his young years with cerebral polsy which has left his arm & leg weaker on one side,but the story goes he was sat watching tv with his mum when a child on africa came on,he was asking...
  9. leach76

    Coming home lights,whats needed on the car?

    Hello people as above i wondered i f this can be activated on my car,or does it need certain factory fitted stuff like auto headlamps or something else? what my car hasnt got,looked on vagcom but if it can be done where is it or what parameters should it be under? cheers for any responce
  10. leach76

    Suzuka grey S3 down at stattler sheffield on saturday,was it you?

    Just wondered who this car belongs to,it had the standard S3 wheels on but painted black,i have a question for you thats all
  11. leach76

    I pod kit how much of a job is it?

    I have got genuine i pod kit as above how much of a job is it to fit? and do you have to drill glove box to run the wire into there? mate on his golf got the kit and its like multi plug to multi plug in my kit its multi plug to seperate wires on with the metal connectors on what shove into the...
  12. leach76


    Is it possible to change viewing of topics so newest posts are at bottom of the page instead of top? piccy i know but thats what i am used to sorry
  13. leach76

    few pics of my new A3

    Only got last thursday so not much done yet apart from remap with steve down at statller including flashloader,S3 rear bumper skirt ready for the milltek when funds become available & ipod kit ready to fit when i can be bothered to get off the PC and do so,love the car coming from giac 200bhp...
  14. leach76

    Hello newbie here!!!

    How do all, i am new to this forum but been on ukmkivs for a couple of years as this same name & also phil76,depending on if at home or work,that forum is amazing so if this one is as good then i am on to a winner. Am getting an A3 2ltr quattro s-line next month so looking for some nice mods...