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    Engine oil pressure light ?

    Mine does this too but the light is yellow and is an oil can with the word 'sensor'. Manual says its a faulty sensor. Its ok to drive yeah?
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    DIS amber brake warning light

    Mine does this occasionally too. Pads seem ok to me, might change them anyway as some aftermarket pads have dodgy connectors
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    B6 s4 wheels. How much

    Good clean sets are 400-500 still depending on the tyres, yours look like they need refurbing so thats 200 quid straight away. I'd be happy with 300 for them. Put them on ebay, they seem to sell on there
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    Cheap Mod.....DIY Grill Wrapping for £1.93

    And they are 350 quid! Tape works well for 2 quid. Plastidip for 15 is best bet, it really looks no different to the genuine ones which are matt black anyway
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    rear interior light not working? avant version

    I've seen the microswitch mentioned but it doesn't manually turn on either so not sure its got anything to do with the opening or closing
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    rear interior light not working? avant version

    My 04 avant has a problem with the rear interior light not working. The one in the roof above the boot space. The front and middle lights work fine, so does the tailgate one. Nothing on vcds, fuse ok, bulbs changed for new. Still nothing! Any ideas?
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    New drivers side wing.

    Looks decent enough, mines akoya silver which is a nighmare match. Also does it make me sad that I spotted your rear wheel is a replica and the front genuine? Lol
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    another broken glove box hinge, Glove box compatibility

    My dads got a 2012 seat exeo which uses the cab dash and his glovebox is identical to my 2004 B6 avant. Be fine I reckon!
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    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Hi, do you have the part number for the ambi light? Looks an easy cheap mod
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    Early 8p xenon quick question

    Top man! God knows what I am going to do, audi want 1000 for one! its got cling film holding it together!
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    Early 8p xenon quick question

    Yeah its all factory fit AA. Cant find another AA anywhere so was hoping a later AB would fit! Which seems to be the s3 version
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    Early 8p xenon quick question

    Long time no post guys! I have a quick question. 8p1 xenon is damaged and needs replacing. I have sourced a replacement from an s3 but the part number has a different suffix. On car is 8p0 941 029AA New part is 8p0 941 029AB Will the B suffix be ok to fit? They are a lot of money to get...
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    RS3 Body kit anyone!?

    Unfortunately Audis are now offically big news on the VAG scene and it seems anyone who had a mk4 golf is now progressing up to the 8P. With this popularity comes nasty cheapo add ons that some people find hard to resist!
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    PaulieMB's Mellow Yellow Progress Thread

    Seems like i have not been on here for years! Your car looks awesome and come a long way since I sold you them vents, those vents are still your best mod! :-)
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    Good bodyshop in Telford / Shrewsbury area needed

    Court Autos in Tweedale, Telford painted my Audi, top job, roughly £100 a panel there.
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    the radio/nav areas of new Audis are looking more and more like BMW's, the new A6 looks like 1 series! I hope they dont copy the beemers gash yellow 1986 illuminations!
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    FBMFSW Really?

    Shocking! It is a real S line too, early ones (like mine) were registered as Sports. Imagine going round a roundabout, one hand on warm leather, turn a bit freezing cold steel, warm leather, steel! lol
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    Metal pedals for DSG A3

    Yeah the pedals are generic, they fit all sorts of vag. When getting mine i rang around SEAT/SKODA and VW dealers for a price and they were all the same so i bought them from the VW dealer as its closest to me!
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    U.S sidemarkers

    Surely a wiring loom is not a problem? its just a bulb so make your own up with a couple of metres from Maplin and tap it into the sidelight wiring? Or would this screw up the canbus?
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    Oil Consumption According To The Manual Is Crazy! Is This Right?

    never topped mine in 3 years, never needed it! Some use it, some dont! Owners of the petrol 2.0TFSI will also vouch how some do and some dont!