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  1. Bittern

    My Bird Photography - Slideshow

    A slideshow i made of a selection of my bird photos from the past years, to date Equipment used.............. Camera: Canon 1D MKIII + 1D MKIV Lens: Canon 500mm f4 IS L, with or without a 1.4TC or 2.0TC
  2. Bittern

    SOLVED - A3 8V TDI Glow plug light flashing, limp mode, code P2563

    Had a problem on my 2013 A3 8V 2.0 TDI Some mornings(and after driving sometimes) when on start up, after say 20 seconds the glow plug light would start to flash and put the car in to limp mode, which gave a code via the Carista app of P2563(a couple of times while driving as well). Which is to...
  3. Bittern

    Does Audi carry out any body work repairs ?......or go elsewhere ?

    Well i new this would happen someday and today it happened :rage: My neighbour(the idiot) reversed his car down the front left side of the panel of my car I took a quick trip to the local Ding Master and they said they couldn't just beat it out, it will have to be beaten out then rubbed...
  4. Bittern

    Has an Audi technician over filled the coolant expansion tank ?

    I had the oil changed in the car as well as the front disc's and pads at the beginning of the week and it looks like the technician has topped up the levels when he did the free health check, but has he over filled the expansion tank for the coolant ?. I have always kept and i have always...
  5. Bittern

    Re-sticking down window chrome trim(what to use ?)

    Can't believe this happened today after washing the car. While drying the car with a drying towel, the towel got caught on a edge of the seem of the rear left quarter window(just above where it bends round in the corner there is a seem) and i managed to pull it out a bit DOH!. Now, because it...
  6. Bittern

    Both cluster needles flashing after engine turn off ?

    First time I've noticed this after driving to work this morning with no trouble. Pulled up then switched off then take the key out, after the inside light goes out and the cluster DIS powers down the 2 needles start to flash ?. Even after locking the car they start flashing again(I checked after...
  7. Bittern

    Hardcore Henry (awesome 1st person style film)

    This looks awesome And here's 6 minutes of the film, Call of Duty style that was released in 2014
  8. Bittern

    AmDTuning BTCC 2016 S3

    The awesome looking S3 from AmDTuning that is competing in the 2016 British Touring Car Championship Good luck guys If anyone knows the spec of this car then please do share!
  9. Bittern

    A3 8V Brake Pads ?

    Its inevitable that in the future I will have to change the pads, but to which ones ? Yes I could easily take my car to Audi to let them change them for a price as seen in here - . I have always changed the pads in my past cars so I...
  10. Bittern

    Natures life and death

    Heron swallowing a Water Vole Right time right place for me to take this sequence of images, but wrong time for the poor Water Vole. That's the other side of nature for you! Taken with: Canon 1D MKIV Canon 500f4 lens + 1.4 Tele Converter
  11. Bittern

    ****** cat sat on my bonnet

    Any body else get cat's sat on your car ? I am a cat lover(yes I am a owner), but when I see one sat on my bonnet warming up its bum it makes my blood boil. This happened today, I looked out after I got home from work and there he is the neighbours cat sat bolt upright on my car's bonnet...
  12. Bittern

    Audi Genuine Insect Remover is awesome for bird poop & bug guts!

    Just thought I'd comment on this stuff I use. I know it might be a bit anal buying Audi detailing products but hey this one is really great(oh so is the leather cleaner and cockpit spray also lol). All you do is spray the foam onto the insect blood/guts or the bird poop and let it soak for...
  13. Bittern

    Got myself a low profile jack and jacking puck

    Thought I'd get myself a low profile jack and jacking puck to lift my A3, which came through the post today. The lifting range is 80 to 365mm so should be ideal. Jack was from a dealer on Amazon and the puck was from Ebay, which is for a A3/S3 8V(apparently lol) A question though, is there any...
  14. Bittern

    What is the sound of the Anti-theft alarm ?

    Just wondering if anyone knows what kind of sound the alarm makes when activated ?. Is it just the sound of the horn or is it a siren ?. It would be handy to know for the future, so I can tell if any scum bag is breaking in and to know the difference from what my neighbours sound like!. Other...
  15. Bittern

    X-Country Equestrian Horse Jumping at Gatcombe Park 2015

    Another year, another great day taking photographs at this event 1D MKIV + 70-200 2.8 IS L 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
  16. Bittern

    A3 8V MMI Sat Nav - Avoiding country roads/lanes ?. Stay on main roads

    Hello I like the sat nav on my A3 but I cant stand it when it is always trying to send me down very tight country lanes where there is only space for 1 car. I went somewhere today and instead of the Sat Nav keeping me on the main road It sent me down loads of stupid lanes in the middle of...
  17. Bittern

    Grid Girls/Pit Babes

    There's other subjects to photograph other than car's at a Motorsport event :wink new: Here's a collection that I've taken over the years ******Feel free to share any you have taken******
  18. Bittern

    All about my Canon EF 500mm f4 L IS USM Lens

    Some of you photographers may be interested about this beast ?. This lens is my most used lens. It is very sharp and the focusing is very fast(also helps also having a good camera as well I must add!). I purchased this lens way back in 2006 for around £4700 and it still performs as it did 9...
  19. Bittern

    My birds in-flight nature photography

    I'm into all kinds of photography and of course I enjoy taking nature images, especially birds in-flight. Thought I'd share some of the images I have taken that I really like..................... Camera's used - Canon 1D MKIII(1st couple of images shown), Canon 1D MKIV(the rest) Lens - Canon...
  20. Bittern

    What are these items on the drivers information display when starting up ?

    Hello Might be a stupid question but does anyone know what the items are in the pic below(see the red arrow) ?. Cant find any info on them anywhere. They always appear when I turn the ignition and start up. 10 or so seconds later they disappear. I own a A3 8V 2.0 TDI Thanks