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  1. Sheikh

    A3 8V 17' Saloon - Headlight Coding Help

    Back on here after many years! Need some help guys, I bought a damaged 8V Saloon, which I've repaired. The original headlights on the car were Xenon Cornering Lights (they had two modules), the new ones I've got are static (one module on the headlight). I need some help with coding these...
  2. Sheikh

    Moved over to the dark side!

    Bought a E46 330 Cd yesterday, so I guess I won't be around here much anymore :( I need to find a BMW forum thats as good as ASN asap! With regards to the car, it's so much nicer to give a booting than the Audi the handling is beautiful and the power delivery is ridiculous, third gear literally...
  3. Sheikh

    Petrol VS Diesel?

    Sold my A3 a few weeks back and i'm now frantically hunting for a new car. Got it down to these two, 330ci or 330cd, yes i know im moving over to the dark side. But the noise that 330 makes is ridiculous. I'll be doing about 15,000 miles a year, mostly on the motorway. I've figured it out to...
  4. Sheikh

    Best place to buy CAT D cars?

    As above, being without a car is really starting to do my nut. So i'm looking for a good cheap CAT D car i can do up. Anyone know any decent places? Thanks Zo
  5. Sheikh

    Anyone know what my potential next car is worth?

    Hi all, So I sold my A3 last week and a relative of mine is at the end of her company car contract. She's telling me she can buy her car back and will get a nice discount. Now what i'd like to know is, what would you guys value a 2009 09 plate Ibis White Black Edition 2.0 TDi 170 at? Its...
  6. Sheikh

    Price for RNS-E MK2

    Just wondering what you guys thought a good price would be to pay for an RNS-E MK2 (LED)? Been looking at a few and they seem to vary by quite a bit. Thanks Zo
  7. Sheikh

    Can anyone recommend some ebay/cheap exhaust trims?

    Got my hands on an angle grinder! So was thinking of doing the exhaust tips, anyone got any recommendations for cheap tips? Don't want to fork out £59 for a set of tips. Was thinking of doing a backbox delete, but will only do that if i 100% decide to keep the car. Thanks Zo
  8. Sheikh

    Where do i jack my car up from!?

    Quick question, i wanted to do an oil and filter change on my car. But i have no idea where to jack the front of the car up from? Thanks Zo
  9. Sheikh

    Hello lads

    Never really ventuered out of the 8P area, but i have a question for you guys. I'm thinking of buying a 2.0 TDi Cab but i cant seem to understand why they have different front ends on them? For example 2006 AUDI A4 2.0 TDi S Line Cabriolet And this one has a much nicer front end 2006 Audi...
  10. Sheikh

    Hmm dodgy buyer perhaps?

    Basically put my car on gumtree and i got a response from a guy who seems slighly dodgy? He text me from an offshore number asking me to e-mail him. After telling him the price of the car? He didnt seem to already know this. I got this: 'Hi thanks for reply, i am a marine engineer, i am at...
  11. Sheikh

    Is road rage getting worse?

    You gotta love morning traffic! Was at a mini roundabout this morning and there was heavy traffic in the road i wanted to go into so I thought i'd do the courteous thing and let a few cars go straight on. The old guy behind me starts ranting and raving, horning, swearing the works! So i put my...
  12. Sheikh

    Cheap oil from Eurocarparts!

    Eurocarparts are doing a bank holiday offer and you can get a 4L Bottle of Castrol Edge 5W-30 for £26! Great for us dirty diesel drivers! Castrol Edge Fully Synthetic 5W30 Engine Oil (4 Litre) Enter code holiday30 at checkout.
  13. Sheikh

    Just ruined my dad's new Q7 FML.

    So my dad picked up his brand new mint Q7 today and as Audi were giving us 7 days free driveaway insurance he put me on there. Took the car out, and did this! Needless to say a mobile wheel refurb guy has been called out and will be here tomorrow. Properly gutted! Never kurbed a wheel in my life!
  14. Sheikh

    Part number for oil sensor?

    Been a bad day for the poor A3, anyone got a part number for the oil position/level sensor? Thanks
  15. Sheikh

    Broken rear spring!

    So to cut a long story short, turn's out i have a broken rear spring. Phoned around and normal sport springs were about £40 each. So i've decided to go ahead and order the Apex 30mm lowering springs, anyone got these? Could you guys possibly give me some reviews on them? Thanks Zo
  16. Sheikh

    Rear lights keep blowing!

    To cut a long story short, the other day my rear left light was showing up on the DIS. So i changed that, then all of a sudden my rear reversing light went this was weird because it had only recently been changed! Also sometimes the DIS tells me the left reversing light is out when it isnt! And...
  17. Sheikh

    S3, 19 years old with 2 years ncb... is insurance possible?

    With the sun out, and the uni year and my 100 miles daily commute nearly over. I'm craving an S3 for summer. Problem is finding insurance on an 8P in near impossible! I can get insured relatively easily on a Cupra R but for some reason most companies will not touch me on an S3. Any young...
  18. Sheikh

    Anyone used Claris Vehicle Solutions?

    As above, anyone used them? Dad's looking to get an S-Class from them but we can't find anything in the form of reviews etc. Thanks Zo
  19. Sheikh

    Online card printers

    As above, recently started my own business. I'm in the process of having my cards designed and was wondering if anyone uses an online company to print cards or whether anyone could recommend me someone? Cards will be double sided and need to be proper good quality as for now there going to be...
  20. Sheikh

    What do buyers ask for when your selling a car?

    Basically, Put my dad's Q7 on pistonheads for him and this morning i had a woman e-mail me, so far she's asked for the following. 1. Current mileage 2. V5 registration document serial number (The V5 serial number should be 2 letters followed by 7 numbers on the front page) 3. V5...