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  1. Quail

    Help Please B8.5 S4 - Lag/Delay After Downshift

    Hey guys - hoping you can clear this one up for me. When driving the car in comfort mode (and to a lesser degree, sport mode), the car is pretty lazy to downshift when you give it more gas. When it does downshift, if you're really trying to press on, sometimes it'll drop two gears, rev quite...
  2. Quail

    B8.5 S4 Avant Ownership/Project Thread

    Hey guys; after a BMW hiatus, I'm back in an Audi, and thrilled to be so. My previous car was an F30 335D which was a devastatingly capable all-rounder, but definitely didn't feel "special" to drive. I flirted with the idea of an S7, which would've bankrupted me, and an E92 M3, which seemed to...
  3. Quail

    No Sat Nav or Bluetooth Streaming in B8.5 S4?

    Hey guys, hope you can help. I just picked up my B8.5 S4 Avant (62 plate, registered Jan 2013). I'm very much enjoying the car so far, but a bit disappointed with the MMI. Unless I'm mistaken, the car doesn't have Sat Nav, and it doesn't allow me to stream music over Bluetooth (I assumed Sat...