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  1. HertS3

    snow crunching sound on full lock / cold start??

    My car seems to be making a clunking sound when I first back out of my driveway with wheel on full lock. It sounds just like the sound of crunching snow (but we have none, yet anyway!!) and even feels the same. I'm wondering whether something is touching (brakes?) and I wondered if anyone else...
  2. HertS3

    PCV valve replacement - other things to check (upgrade?)

    Hey all, Been a while since I've been on here. So my PCV valve has been showing an intermittent fault since I got the car (first appeared 6 days into ownership, to be precise). After a protracted debate with RAC Warranty including mediation, they are not budging and will not honour their 3 month...
  3. HertS3

    Rear registration plate light - brighter?

    Hey all, Does anyone know if it's possible to get brighter bulbs for the rear registration plate lights? I presume they're LED already on the B8.5 S4. TIA
  4. HertS3

    Just bought custom plates

    My birthday is coming up and my bros wanted to get me something. Toyed with custom gearknob, some carbon wing mirrors etc but decided to go with a personalised licence plate - CU54 BYE (see you S4 bye). Not something I would spend money on personally but didn't mind getting it as a present :)...
  5. HertS3

    Coolant pipe part number?

    Can anyone tell me what part number this pipe is? Sorry about the picture quality
  6. HertS3

    PCV valve woes

    Hey guys, After the saga with the rear diff on my previous S3 plaguing me, it seems that the S4 is (kind of) following suit. Car was showing intermittent PCV valve malfunction error codes pretty much as soon as I bought it 3 months ago (mechanic friend scanned it 2 weeks after buying). Car went...
  7. HertS3

    Twisted seatbelt

    Annoying thing, one of my passenger seatbelts has a half-turn twist, is it easy to get the belt out to sort this out?
  8. HertS3

    Testing antenna via VCDS?

    Hey all, Having just been away, it reminded me that my radio signal doesn't quite seem right. OK I was out in the sticks a little (Somerset/Devon) but I didn't even seem to pick up stations like Radio 1 which should have pretty widespread distribution. Also when I'm driving around my local area...
  9. HertS3

    For Sale A3/S3 8V boot liner

    Hi all, Changed car so looking to sell a boot liner that fits perfectly in the 8V. It's used (still using it now) but as it's rubber it will live forever! Looking for £35 collected from St Albans (M1 J6/M25 J21A) or willing to post at buyer's cost, this could be around £7 as it's heavy. Shown in...
  10. HertS3

    Found Audi S4 B8.5 rubber mats

    Hi all, Looking for a set (front + rear ideally) of OEM rubber mats for my B8.5 S4. Thanks
  11. HertS3

    Recommendations for rubber mats?

    I know it's not exactly the right season what with 30+ degrees heat coming back this week but can anyone recommend decent but not too expensive rubber mats? Had the OEM A3 ones for my S3 (currently selling on eBay) which were brilliant, very deep channels for water to pool in. Saw the Travall...
  12. HertS3

    For sale - OEM Set of unused mats and brushed silver mirror covers

    Hey guys, Selling some of my S3 gear after trading it in. Brushed silver mirror covers: Full of sets of mats with red stitching unused (including a used pair of front A3 winter rubber mats):
  13. HertS3

    Sold Audi A3 S3 8V Sportback full set of OEM mats with red stitching + Front winter mats

    Selling on Ebay:
  14. HertS3

    For Sale OEM Audi S3 8V Brushed Aluminium Mirror Covers

    Selling on eBay
  15. HertS3

    Roof rack for Sportback without rails

    Hi all, Just a heads up that I've put my OEM unused roof rack system for the 8V A3/S3 Sportback without factory rails in the trading post section if anyone's looking for one. Cheers
  16. HertS3

    Sold A3/S3 8V Sportback OEM roof rack system brand new for cars without rails

    Unused OEM roof bar system, changed car so never got a chance to use it other than a trial run. You get the roof bars, feet and fitting kit, two keys, special torque wrench, rubber strips to cover grooves when not in use (which I cut to size once fitted to the car) and instructions. £120...
  17. HertS3

    15% off roof mounted gear from Audi Aberdeen & Dundee

    Just came across this if anyone's interested:
  18. HertS3

    Oil suggestions

    Hi all, My new (to me) B8.5 S4 is due an oil change shortly and I wondered what people recommend. It's currently got 5W-30 in, I know when I had the S3 where oil kept going down people recommended 5W-40. Not had mine long enough to see whether this happens on S4. Any thoughts welcome.
  19. HertS3

    For Sale Audi A3/S3 8V OEM roof bars unused

    Hi all, Recently got rid of my S3, I had bought the Audi OEM roof bars for an 8V without roof rails, unused other than to fit on the car once (had to adjust the width of the feet so should be plug n' play for whoever buys it). Looking for £100 collected from Hertfordshire (where M1/M25...
  20. HertS3

    Rear bicycle carriers for S4 Avant

    We've touched on this before recently, I have emailed Saris support to ask whether their rear carriers are suitable for the Avant as Halfords are pretty vague ('may' be suitable for your vehicle!!). Will keep you updated. If anyone reads this and can confirm either way whether the Bones 2/3...