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  1. iamwhatiammomo

    Reversing Sensor - MMI View

    Hi hope you’re all well. I’ve had my S3 for a week now, and wondered if the parking sensor should come up on screen (visual version). The other day whilst reversing it popped up on screen and was working visually but hasn’t appeared again. can’t seem to find a setting in the MMI for it so not...
  2. iamwhatiammomo

    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    Mine was a little funny, ordered a S3 Sportback via lease company (car was in stock or so they say), 2/3 weeks later the car turns up on the trailer but behold it's a Saloon :haha: Earliest delivery of sportback given was December/January - kept the Saloon with a heavy discount.
  3. iamwhatiammomo

    2021 best drying towel?

    Try Klin Korea - best towel i've ever used. Very difficult to get hold of stock though. Sells out in minutes. About £18, very heavy towel, 1 swipe with no pressure to completely dry (and I mean as if water was never there), washed several times and still good as new. Klin Korea - Large Duo...
  4. iamwhatiammomo


    Received a quote for £200 and a quote for £500. Never had an issue with the chap who's quoted £200 so will see how it goes.
  5. iamwhatiammomo

    Front grille

    Its been doing my nut in looking for one. Il give a few more weeks see if something pops up. Thanks again
  6. iamwhatiammomo

    Front grille

    I have a pre facelift SE model a3 and I need a new front grille, not many available on eBay and I don't really wanna pay showroom prices. Is it worth buying an insurance approved part or should I go for an actual Audi part? 2008 a3 1.6 SE so under the 05-08 model.. Thanks
  7. iamwhatiammomo

    Timing belt issue

    I have a 08 1.6 petrol (sb) that just hit 60K miles so I got my timing Belt changed last weekend.. Yesterday I noticed after I change gears (noticed in 2nd & 3rd) and speed up there's a whistling noise. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. iamwhatiammomo

    The new A3

    Maybe to do with branding?
  9. iamwhatiammomo

    Boot clip

    Yeah that's the one lol sorry. The clip where the string loops on to popped out from the boot hatch. The way it's designed is to prevent it from coming out but because of that it won't go back in. Do you know any way of doing it without smashing it in with a hammer
  10. iamwhatiammomo

    Boot clip

    The black board thing that attaches with a string to the boot hatch? When you open the boot the board goes up with the hatch?
  11. iamwhatiammomo

    Boot clip

    Hi, one of the clips of from the boot has come out of the small hole.. The clip to hold the boot cover which attaches with the string.. I can't push the clip back in because it's wider than the hole.. Anyone know how I can knock it back in? Thanks
  12. iamwhatiammomo

    Congratulations chelsea

    There was no outplaying, the fact of the matter is Chelsea park the bus in their own area! Chelsea do not play football. Possibly the most boring team to watch
  13. iamwhatiammomo

    Congratulations chelsea

    Congrats to Chelsea! But I didn't want them to win lol for two reasons. 1. They've never won it before but I guess they've been two the final on couple of occasions now so deserved it finally & 2. Cannot be a**ed with glory hunters thinking now Chelsea are the best team in the world like man...
  14. iamwhatiammomo

    iPod help

    I have the dension 100 brilliant piece of kit, supports iPod connection and aux.. Been told the xcarlink is just as good but a lot cheaper.. Plug and play
  15. iamwhatiammomo

    The new A3 New shape a3 sport back - expected 2014
  16. iamwhatiammomo

    2014 audi s3

    Going feminine direction, trying to make the car look pretty (which it doesn't) rather than looking like a beast (what I'd want). Just an a1 IMO
  17. iamwhatiammomo

    A3 black grill - where from? prices shown here
  18. iamwhatiammomo

    Cant find the locking wheel nut

    £35.41 exactly lol had to replace mine, both the nut and key of was chewed up
  19. iamwhatiammomo

    Mobile police units

    I hope so, renewal in August and hoping to get a quicker car than this 1.6. Usually you notice them but nothing there to be seen. That road has no cars parked on sides and I'm sure I never saw a cop car or van there at all. Cops are getting too sneaky nowadays
  20. iamwhatiammomo

    Mobile police units

    Got picked up for speeding & I swear to god he must have been hiding in a bush or something! Clear road, what's worse is I wasn't even hammering it. 3 points & most definitely a high premium next year - so bye to a chance of an s3!