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  1. Buck

    Problem Safari Error Opening Pages - What's the Solution?

    Hi Relatively recently I have been getting the error below when I click on any link in the forum. This only happens when using Safari (Mac OS 10.15.7) [Safari is fully up to date.] and if I am logged in/accept the site cookies I have followed the instructions from Apple which require to to...
  2. Buck

    PCP coming to an end...decisions

    So the 4 year PCP ends in March so I thought I’d better start thinking about what to do next step The GFV is surprisingly going to give me little or nothing towards a new car - not sure if this is the A5 not holding value or the salesman at the time pumping this up to make my deal seem better...
  3. Buck

    Additional Central Console Switch instead of HomeLink

    Hi I'm wanting to integrate my garage opener into my B9 A5. I've looked at retrofitting Homelink but it looks a bigger job than I feel capable of so I thought I could add an extra switch to the central console set (example below would be the one circled with the steering wheel on) Does...
  4. Buck

    OBD Portector

    Some of you may have seen that I was the lucky winner of this competition here on audi-sport - great to get the PM from @Sandra telling me the good news! I was promptly contact by one of the OBD team - thanks @Paul1981 - the team especially Kris were very professional throughout including...
  5. Buck

    MMI - A Couple of Queries re Radio/Track Information

    Ok these are minor niggles but I can't find how to change them (or if they are not functions of the standard MMI) (i) Radio Station Text - on my old Golf and my wife's 66 Polo the screen shows the "now playing" and gives the show details as well as the track/artist information that the radio...
  6. Buck

    A5 Sportback Trim removal

    Hi I've now got my dash cam and wanting to install the rear view camera with the cables behind the trim. Does anybody know how the trim is fitted so that I can remove safely? I can't find ElsaWin for the new model. Thanks!
  7. Buck

    Updating my insurance due to new car arrival - surprise response

    I thought this was worth sharing for anybody looking to change their car and the insurance update. I rang my broker today to advise that I am due delivery of my new car next week. They took all of my new car details then said "sorry, your current insurer won't insure your car without a...
  8. Buck

    Music on SD Card - Format & File Structure

    Hopefully it's not long now before the new A5 is ready for collection and I'm wanting to put some music (MP3s) on an SD card ready for the journey home :D Are there any particular SD cards to avoid (I know some technology can be fussy sometimes) and is there a maximum size that is compatible...
  9. Buck

    Best Value Trim Removal Tools

    Hi eBay is littered with lots of plastic trim removal tools. I'm wanting a set ready to install my dash cam but don't want a set that will bend/break on first use or cost me the earth for what is probably limited to being used once or twice. Are these any good? (you can't complain about the...
  10. Buck

    New Car finally ordered !!

    I've just paid the deposit on my new Audi A5 after weeks of negotiations and trying to find one that I'd be able to register before the 1st April and the punitive extra tax of £310 per year! I went through CarWow which has been excellent but as I left it a little late to start the process, I'd...
  11. Buck

    A5 Suspension Query

    I'm in the final throws of ordering my new A5 Sportback. It'll be the 2.0 TDI Sline Stronic One query I can't seem to get any feedback on is the choice of suspension. Audi give a no cost option of Sports or Comfort Dynamic which some say makes the car ride height higher and can have the space...
  12. Buck

    How Do I Remove My Cup Holder

    The other morning the inside 'flap' in my cup holder broke off :( I was lucky in that the spring and piece of plastic didn't fly off never to be found again and have glued the plastic back together but can't see clearly to fasten the flap back in I have removed the trim from the top of the...
  13. Buck

    Steering Rack has failed :(

    Noticed some grinding yeterday when I turned the wheel - Power Steering reservoir was empty and we hoped it was a split pipe Took it to the (Independent Audi Specialist) garage today who have diagnosed steering rack failure :( Looks like I am waving good bye to £800+ (the part alone is...
  14. Buck

    April 2009 B8 A4 Avant 2.0TDi - S-Line - thoughts and advice?

    Hi All I'm looking at changing my B6 A4 Avant and we have been looking at the B8 Model and for a 1 year old example so, I have seen one that is an April 2009 car in S-Line trim. I can't go for a new ar again as I did with the B6 so am trying to find a reasonable spec one that fits the budget...
  15. Buck

    Clutch Life

    My car (A4 1.9TDi Quattro) is coming up to 90,000 miles on the original clutch I know it depends on driving style but wondered what sort of life I should expect to still get from the clutch? The engaging of the clutch seems a little higher on the clutch pedal than it used to but is there...
  16. Buck

    Miltek Exhaust for A5 3.0TDi Quattro

    Guys Just posted the above for sale in the classifieds This is a bargain at £450. PM for more information or serious enquiries Thanks CM
  17. Buck

    FAO JCB - Please check your PMs

    Hey JCB Could you check your PMs? - I sent you one the other day...let me know thanks CM :beerchug:
  18. Buck

    Anti Roll Bar Link Fitting

    Hi I had my Audi A4 (2003) serviced at the weekend (£199 deal) and Audi have advised that the anti-roll bar links are worn. The car has done 86,000 so can understand this but they wanted £200 to change them which is expensive when the parts are £15 each Question easy is it to...
  19. Buck

    Temperature Gauge - not working

    Hi all, As above - noticed that it wasn't registering a temperature the other day then part way through the journey started working again then stopped. Any hints and tips on what/where I can check this - not sure if it is a loose connection or a faulty sensor Also, concerned that if it is...
  20. Buck

    A4 Avant - Tailgate closure problems :(

    Hi All Recently my tailgate has started playing up Basically when I pull it down to close it seems to bounce off the latch rather than closing fully etc. I have checked that there are no items that are blocking the locking area and also have greased the latch to see if it was a case of it...