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    Boot thingie

    Clearly this is gubbed - well, they both are. What's it called please? Anyone have the part #? Or even a decent set looking for a new home?
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    B6 rear light - fuse?

    Hi - blown bulb on the rear light, so whipped it out and new one in - still nothing. As is quite often the case, the bulb holder is badly corroded so a quick check with a circuit tester tells me there is power in the metal ribbon, but none at the terminals. So some scraping later and I now...
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    Re-colour steering wheel

    As per the title - is it possible to re-colour the leather on the steering wheel? I dont want to change the colour, merely deal with some areas where the colour has worn. Thanks.
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    That blasted micro switch (Avant boot lid)

    Thoughts please. The rear light on the Avant, that being the one over the load space, (and the red/white in the lid itself) have decided not to come on when the boot is opened, and the "open" warning on the DIS isn't doing its thing either. The boot opens fine from the remote, and closes fine...
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    Ashtray bulb

    How do you get at the bulb in the front ashtray please?
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    Sticky caliper

    The latest challenge is a sticky caliper - my first line of attack is to pull and grease the sliding pins - naturally Halfords have never heard of what I beleive is a specific grease for these and suggest Coppaslip. Thoughts and advice all welcome. It has had new brakes / pads recently and that...
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    Drivers door switch controls

    Annoyingly, the rear window lock out switch has failed - as they do. Prices for a new assembly seem to range from £8 (from China) to over £30 (via Amazon). Has anyone any experience of this Chinese offering or similar...
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    Front tow point cover

    A long shot, but does anyone have a front tow point cover plate available? Or, confirmation of the part # which I think may be 8E0 807 241 Thanks - Mike
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    The cooling fan seems to be running constantly, right from a cold start. Ideas please on what I'm looking for, and where. I'm guessing a failed temp sender. 53 plate 2.0 fsi.
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    Wanted: Avant rear light cluster

    As title - anyone got a passenger side cluster FS please? Ideally, one which doesn't leak! Part number is 8E9 945 095 which is Also, a nice to have would be the bulb holder, with a decent seal - 8E9945 357 Recommendations also welcome for breakers in...
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    Best Place To Buy Discs?

    Irritatingly, I have a pair of warped discs! Consensus seems to suggest Pagid as a good replacement (nothing fancy, just the standard 288 / vented variety -) - any recommendations please on best price / decent delivery etc ? I doubt I can use TPS incidentally. Also - pads - something to help...
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    Door seal replacement

    Has anyone got info on replacing the door seal? The one on the body, not the door itself. Mine has worn badly where I seem to catch it getting in / out of the car. I'm guessing the A and B pillar trims, and upper and lower trims need to come off to do this, but any "how-to's" would be helpful...
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    Oil - -

    Thoughts please. While I have the A4 serviced every 8k, and I believe my garage uses an appropriate oil, I'm wondering whether it's worth using something like Tesco's fully synthetic for top ups. This mainly as I notice consumption increasing a but recently, and now getting close to 1,000 miles...
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    Lights on buzzer.

    Hmm - it's stopped buzzing. Thoughts please on likely cause? Location?
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    And today, I am mostly driving - -

    - - a black Vauxhall - an Insignia - thanks to the chappie who dented the A4 a few weeks ago, while it's being repaired. So - what is the big deal with the "dash / dials sweep" thing? Irritating in the extreme! And electric handbrake! AAAAAAARGH. And the highly irritating reflection of the...
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    Better Brakes?

    So - I've read all the great threads about fitting everything from Porsche brakes to S4 brakes to various slightly less exotic Audis. But all I really want to do is improve on the braking performance of a standard 2.0 A4 Avant - FSI - B6. This is just an ordinary road car, nothing special, no...
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    A4 2.0 SE / 53 plate

    Hi - new to the forum, but not to Audis - I'm about to look at a 53 plate / 70k mile A4 SE Avant (petrol) which seems to be in good condition and well serviced etc. Any pointers as to what to "look for"? The obvious one I guess is the timing belt question, as in has it been done - but are...