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  1. Alan Gunn

    v6 tdi to advance pump timing

    To advance the pump timing after slackening the 3 bolts on the cam which way do i move the pump. Looking at it from the front of the car clockwise or anticlockwise.
  2. Alan Gunn

    Pump changed car now running but more problems

    Car has had the vp44 pump changed at last but now got a different problem. The ESP light has come on & wont turn off, sometimes it goes off on it's own & then all power is back to normal for a short time but as soon as the ESP light comes on again it goes back into limp mode. ESP or Traction...
  3. Alan Gunn

    Injection pump swap

    Are they interchangeable at all. Mine is a 0470 506 030 will any other pump fit.
  4. Alan Gunn

    code 01376 engine speed signal for injection(IGNORE FIRST POST)

    V6-2.5 TDI engine code AYM. Went out yesterday 25 mile run car ran perfect. An hour later got back in the car and it wouldn't start so got it towed. Went to it this morning and it started first time so left it running to charge the battery but 30 minutes later it just cut out and won't start...
  5. Alan Gunn

    Alarm again sorry.

    I have done the battery mod on the alarm sounder (no acid damage to board) but for some reason it's not getting any charge to it. Any ideas welcome
  6. Alan Gunn

    Door open display.

    Should the display show when the bonnet is open ?. It shows all doors and rear hatch open. Reason i ask is that i can't set the alarm off. Car is a 2002 a6 avant.
  7. Alan Gunn

    VCDS Cable

    What is the correct cable for my 2002 a6 2.5tdi. On the Rosstech site there are 3 types. Any help on this please.
  8. Alan Gunn

    Ash Tray out.

    Anybody know how to get the complete ash tray out not just the part you empty when full. Thanks.
  9. Alan Gunn

    Oil Filter v6 2.5tdi

    Just got new filters and the oil filter comes with 2 large o'rings. I am not sure where the second o'ring goes one is slightly bigger than the other. Anybody tell me where it goes.
  10. Alan Gunn


    Hi to all. Lurking about for some time now so i thought it was time to join. Been on ukpassats for some years having had passats but now got an 02 A6 2.5tdi and very happy with it. Also on a bmw forum as i have a 320d as well.