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  1. Sheikh

    A3 8V 17' Saloon - Headlight Coding Help

    Back on here after many years! Need some help guys, I bought a damaged 8V Saloon, which I've repaired. The original headlights on the car were Xenon Cornering Lights (they had two modules), the new ones I've got are static (one module on the headlight). I need some help with coding these...
  2. Sheikh

    Rear light keeps blowing,

    I had this same problem on my A3 just before I sold it, I got so fed up of changing bulbs I took the car to the main dealer who told me the a rubber seal that sits around the light was missing? And thus water was getting in and blowing the bulbs. Sold the car the day after so can't really...
  3. Sheikh

    s3 or R32

    Just sold an R32 and it's fair to say I'm missing it already! R32 Custom LongLife Exhaust Sound - YouTube
  4. Sheikh

    Audi S3 vs Audi A3 S line/S-line vs VW Volkswagen Golf GTI vs Golf GTI Edition 30 ?!?

    R32, Milltek Non-Res = Game over. Plus there's just something about that N/A engine it just feels so lively. Currently looking for a MK4 as a second car myself after spending a week driving a friends :happy:
  5. Sheikh

    Stage 1 Hybrid quessies..

    It'll give around 220-240 with a remap! Without it, the lag will just kill you.
  6. Sheikh

    What RPM should the A3 170 pd spool up/kick in at???

    My 140 used to be alive and kicking from about 1500 rpm didnt like high revs much though.
  7. Sheikh

    S3 to R32 should I?

    R32's are good for one thing and one thing alone. Sound. I've never really got a buzz from one and the fact that my 330Cd kept up side by side with my mates MK4 says it all. S3 all the way!
  8. Sheikh

    Just got an S3...

    Nice! But an S3 as a weekend toy? Really? Would have got something a bit more nutty to be honest. But welcome. :happy:
  9. Sheikh

    Engine oil

    My mate, changed his oil twice in one week (wrong oil) and the fresh oil that was taken out was black after 300 miles of driving! It's just the way diesels are
  10. Sheikh

    Discounted pressed metal plates

    THE EBAY ONES SUCK! I had them, they in no way can compare to the proper things.
  11. Sheikh

    Back box delete!

    I'm interested in doing this to the 330! So any recommendations on places to go etc would be awesome.
  12. Sheikh

    Facelift DONE ** From 2007 to 2011 front.. Result: Very impressive I think :)

    Your just a hater mate. You may as well find another forum if your going to be an A**hole. On a side note, car looks sweeeeet. :happy:
  13. Sheikh

    What would you do???? EURO MILLIONS

    Invest it, I think it'd be quite easy to blow £1mil. You need atleast £4-5mil to live like a proper millionaire.
  14. Sheikh

    Help with Finance for RS3

    Should be about 6% i think, although I'm in no way a finance expert.
  15. Sheikh

    A3 is gone, hello FL '12 A5 cab

    Congrats buddy! The A5's look amazing, but they don't drive anywhere as nice as the A3s. :happy:
  16. Sheikh

    Help with Finance for RS3

    Did you buy the car brand new? If so you should get a really good rate from Audi finance.
  17. Sheikh

    How cool is this.. PLASTI DIPPING YOUR CAR!!!

    I really wanna see someone do their whole car, so i can muster up the courage to do mine!
  18. Sheikh

    What's that blithering idiot doing...

    Being doing this in the 330 lately after i've realised the diesel on this thing is going to kill me, can get an easy 50mpg at 75mpg on a run :sm4: The A3 would probably give me closer to 60 at the same speed.
  19. Sheikh

    How can i 'beef up' my A3 Sportback?

    Lower it, get some spacers on there and i love gloss black roofs on white cars!
  20. Sheikh

    How cool is this.. PLASTI DIPPING YOUR CAR!!!

    Wish i had a garage! I would do the E46 in matt black