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    rear interior light not working? avant version

    My 04 avant has a problem with the rear interior light not working. The one in the roof above the boot space. The front and middle lights work fine, so does the tailgate one. Nothing on vcds, fuse ok, bulbs changed for new. Still nothing! Any ideas?
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    Early 8p xenon quick question

    Long time no post guys! I have a quick question. 8p1 xenon is damaged and needs replacing. I have sourced a replacement from an s3 but the part number has a different suffix. On car is 8p0 941 029AA New part is 8p0 941 029AB Will the B suffix be ok to fit? They are a lot of money to get...
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    An Emotional Day

    Bye bye! My A3 has left my ownership. Been a great car and had some great help off guys on here. having a baby soon means i cant justify more expense so as much as i'd like a sportback i might have to chav it up in a Golf or a Leon!:wacko: Any SB's for sale on here???
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    GTi fest today

    Anyone go on here? Saw Matt Andrews and a couple of other regs from here. Anyone know who the guy was going up the strip in the white S3. just wondering what his best 1/4 was?
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    Door card - lighting question

    Are the door cards the same whether you have the interior light pack or not? Are there just blanks where the puddle lights go and are the little clear windows still in the door handle cavity?
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    Anyone got a sportback and want a 3dr?

    I'm wanting a sportback, anyone fancy a p/x for my 3dr? :yum: Its a pain in the *** getting the baby seat in the back of mine!:yes:
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    How not to mod an A3

    2006 AUDI A3 SPORT S-LINE 2ltr TDI AUTO S-TRONIC BLACK on eBay (end time 22-Jan-11 17:52:53 GMT) Loving the A4 cabriolet style A pillars and the center of the dash seems strangely worn ? Looks lke the heater controls have been sand blasted!
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    I feel dirty

    :unsure:Just had a go in a 10 plate new shape Mazda 3 MPS and i ****** loved it! Apart from being scary fast (torque steering all over the place in this weather) its fully loaded with Bose, nav, leather, bluetooth, MFSW, adaptive Xenons, basically all the audi options are standard and it cost my...
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    Finally a budget build thread from me!

    After 2 years and posting hardly any pics I thought it was about time to show you what i've been up to! I started with a standard 2004 TDI S line DSG, factory options of parking sensors, Bose, interior light pack, auto lights/wipers. I liked it at first as it seemed upmarket and classy but i...
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    Big week for my car next 7 days! :-)

    In the next 7 days my car should be getting the following Ebach Sportlines -50mm suspension Painting the brakes Diadem front indicator bulbs FK Black grille Votex front spoiler Votex Side skirts 2009 black edition rear bumper 2009 rear parking sensor upgrade Front end respray as facelift...
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    Buckets challenge?

    If anyone fancies putting the effort in, these could be looking tasty in your A3/S3
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    Anyone got a spare grille "4 rings" badge they dont want?

    I want to do my grille badge black but looking to try it on a spare before pulling mine apart! If anyones got one spare I'll happily sort you out with some cash Audi want £20 for a new one, daylight robbery!
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    Parking sensor module/wiring?

    Guys, just got hold of a 2010 S line rear bumper with sensors and wiring. I know the sensors are smaller and further up the bumper so had a check under my 2004 and the fittings to the back of them are also different! So what shall I do? 1. Cut the wires and solder on the plugs to the new...
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    A3 holds its value better than any other car in UK

    Good news for all of us! Suprised the mini isnt in the top 10 though, or any BMW. Maybe BMW refused to take part!
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    P-Torq Remap Group Buy

    Guys, I've organised a group buy with Will at P-Torq and he is willing to do a generic remap on TDI's and 2.0T cars This will inlcude a rolling road run all in for £220 each however he would need 10 definates for this price P-Torq is in Dudley/Wolverhampton so nice and central, have a look...
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    This is really bad but..........

    My brothers got an A3 Black Edition as a courtesy car this morning (strange because its a VW dealer) However it has lots of tasty bits that would look nice on mine Chrome Vents Silver edged mats New rear lights (have some old ones in my shed) Question is, shall I dare swap them before it...
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    parking sensor bumper holes?

    You guys who have changed rear bumpers, do you know if the holes for the parking sensors are just that (just holes) or do they have some sort of moulding/bracket around the holes to mount the sensor? Reason I ask if i've found an 09 bumper and it doesnt have the holes but if it is just a hole...
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    Now I dont mind pikeys as such, as long as they clean up after them but it gets annoying when they are just showing off! Some of them have parked up a few yards from my place of work and apart from having some smart caravans they have 10 plate White A5 cabriolet with red leather and roof and...
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    Got some A5 Y spokes on!

    My car failed its MOT on a couple of tyres so needed some wheels quick, I'm a non believer in buying tyres, I get bored of wheels too soon! Grabbed some of these off Ebay to tie me over whilst I find something decent for the summer. They only cos £440 delivered but the tyres are a brand i've not...
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    DSG lever change

    I have the early type DSG lever (alloy shafted one looks like an auto) and have just ordered a newer shape one with the leather boot, are they just a straight swap or will i have some hassle? thanks