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  1. Scott.T

    Warranty (aftermarket) on your RS4

    For many years I've been dreaming of owning an RS4 and the time has arrived where this is now well within budget. With Nogaro editions now appearing on budget too the draw is strong . However ad a DIY mechanic at most times the complexity of the RS4 scares me into wanting a good warranty...
  2. Scott.T

    Is B8 RS4 MPG as bad as I think

    Hi all, I've fancied a B8.5 RS4 for some time but the 'cc' and 'mpg' have always been a concern as a daily. I'm now in the position to spend £30K so that puts the RS4 into contention. Is the MPG really as bad as I would expect for such a large capacity car. How does it compare to an S4 B8 which...
  3. Scott.T

    Sepang S5 @ Maidstone (Beware)

    Just a warning for anyone looking for an S5. I popped in to Maidstone Audi today to see if a Sepang S5 would tickle my fancy over an Sepang S4 I had just viewed. No plan to purchase the S5 due to the low spec but just a visual to confirm I preferred the look. Anyhow's, I noticed a paint run on...
  4. Scott.T

    B8.5 CREC Tuning and Lowering (with Damper Control)

    Hi Chaps and Chapet's, I may be returning to the Audi brand after a couple of years away and I'm considering a S4/S5 B8.5 if the right Saloon/Avant or Sportback spec'd car turns up. Looked at a very clean example earlier in the week, so it's there for the taking if I decide that's the way I...
  5. Scott.T

    S4/S5 tuning options

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of coming back to the Audi brand and jumping into a S4 or S5 sportsack and was wondering what tuning options are available. Last time I was around here the later S4/S5 ECU was not yet cracked and there was alot of nervousness surrounding Audi's new found ability to detect a...
  6. Scott.T

    RS5 front bumper skin on A5/S5

    Has anyone fitted an RS5/RS5 style front bumper skin on an A5/S5. Is it the same bumper that they used on the 'run out model' A5 Black Edition Plus. I had a Black Edition Plus last year and was pretty sure from looking at images that it was the same style as an RS5 but with different grills (A5...
  7. Scott.T

    S4 B8.5 S-Tronic Issues

    As I'm looking into perhaps returning to the fold with a B8.5 S4 I was wondering if there are any S-Tronic issues coming out of the woodwork now that they are a touch older. I had a B8 S4 with 22K miles 2 years back and this ended up needing a new gearbox (under warranty at a cost of £10K)...
  8. Scott.T

    B9 Sportsback official pictures

    And it looks like the S5 now comes with 5 seats/belts. If the current S5 had 5 I would probably already have one
  9. Scott.T

    2.0 TFSI custom exhaust question

    Those of you that have had custom exhaust fitted, can you confirm your silencer configuration. For example no resonator, replaced resonator, no rear boxes, replaced rear boxes or small rear boxes etc...... I'm looking for a sporty note on my curent OE dual system rather than the OE complete...
  10. Scott.T

    B8.5 RS4 S-tronic Vs S4 S-tronic

    I would be interested to hear opinions from those that have migrated from S4 to RS4 with regard to s-tronic performance both In Auto and Manual mode. Also if it suffers the same mecatronic and clutch issues that have occurred on the early 2009/2010 S4. I had a 2010 S4 for a short while and...
  11. Scott.T

    A5 Manual Auto-Blip/Rev matching

    I pretty convinced my A5 2.0TFSi 2016 230ps, Quattro, Manual has Auto-Blip / Rev matching ability. As I start to open it up after it's running in period I have started to notice a strange effect when down-shifting. Initially I just thought is was a weird occurrence, or me messing up. But as I...
  12. Scott.T

    Door Projector Lights (that don't rattle)

    Has anyone managed to source S-Line, Audi or Quattro door projector lights that don't rattle. I purchased these : and had a feeling they were going to make a noise as I was fitting them. And yup !!!! they rattle away annoyingly. I dissected them tonight and it's the 2 plastic lenses inside...
  13. Scott.T

    Wheel Damage spotted after handover !

    Has anyone been in the scenario where you have identified alloy wheel damage post handover ? What was the response from the dealer and what was the rectification action. I have photographic evidence that the damage was there during the handover (zoomed in on the wheel in question), which the...
  14. Scott.T

    Audi A5 Sportback BE+ TFSi 230ps quattro

    Picked this up 10 day's ago as just didn't get on with my Sepang A4 soot chucker. The combination of CarWow and a healthy dealer deposit contribution also made it cheaper than the A4 ;) Specification : Manual Transmission Alcantara/Leather Storage Pack Rotor 9x19's Interior LED Light Pack...
  15. Scott.T

    225/230ps TFSi Turbo Whistle ?

    Is it normal to hear a slight turbo whistle between 2,300 - 3,000rpm and DV vent with a mild/brisk spooling of turbo pull away. The car is only 1 week old and I noticed this today with the window down and radio off. It's quite subtle but something I wasn't really expecting to be able to hear...
  16. Scott.T

    Shipping tracker of A5 from Germany

    My A5 is in quality control after going through build 1 week ahead of schedule. I have read that you can track the boat via a shipping agent. Does anyone have details. Cheers
  17. Scott.T

    Anyone ordered an A5 recently ?

    What was your order placement to build week schedule ? Mine is : Ordered 05/03/16 Build week : Some time in 'September' !!!!!! My dealer is speaking to Audi GmbH tomorrow to find out why.
  18. Scott.T

    Hill Hold Assist Question

    I have Hill Hold 'assist' lite on my 65 plate A4 Manual (standard fit) which basically holds on the brakes on uphill inclines for a few seconds. If you want it to hold longer then you have to apply the electro-mechanical handbrake, or risk rolling into the car behind !!!!! In both cases the...
  19. Scott.T

    A5 BE plus - Does it have Voice Control ?

    Does the MMI in the latest A5 BE plus have voice control for phone book and nav etc.... I am considering swapping my A4 BE plus for an A5 BE plus and I quite like this feature. However, the brochures on the 2 different cars don't give the same info with regard voice control. I have a loaner...
  20. Scott.T

    New Orders MY16 or MY17

    Does anyone know when the cut-off date / transition date is likely to be for MY17 orders. Also are there any rumours of any updates for MY17 i.e 'Plus' packs as applied to recent A4A5 ranges. Are we due a brochure update ? I'm getting close to placing an order for an S3 Saloon wand would like...