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    Edinburgh Audi - Xmas event

    Got a hilarious email from Edinburgh Audi offering deals such as free servicing on used cars and a free teddy bear with new A3s. Thanks for that!
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    Handing car back - what a faff!

    My PCP ends in early October with last payment early September. My plan was to hand the car back towards the end of August so I don't need to MOT it or even pay the £20 tax. I called today and explained I was happy to pay last payment to complete the terms of the PCP contract. Person at Audi...
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    Facelift Moving on & handing car back.

    Hi All, The PCP on my 1.0 TFSI SE comes to and end in September/October. I have ordered a Fiesta ST which should arrive mid to late September. The A3 will not be worth as much as it should at the end of the contract so I will be looking to hand it back. Has anyone experience of doing this...
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    Audi Dealers - trade in etc.

    As some of you may know I'm looking around at my next car. I'm 2.5 years into a PCP. My car has a "future value" of almost £10 900. I currently owe ~£12k and I need to be within a month of the 36 months to VT. I've looked at MINI and Ford in the last couple of months and they both were...
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    Time to move on?

    My A3 pcp is up in September and I am considering options. It looks like my A3 is not going to be with the predicted final value even at the moment and I couldn't hand it back under a VT until after the 36 month term! I do realise that I have benefited from cheap payments for the last 30...
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    Anyone got a new A1?

    As per title - discuss.
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    Equity invite from Audi

    I'm 27 months into an Audi pcp with my A3 1.0tfsi SE. Received a flyer from Audi today saying that now is a good time to get into a new Audi and using the equity towards a new deal. Has anyone found that there is equity in an Audi after 27 months into a 36 month deal? I would be surprised but...
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    New A1

    First reviews are out. Seems quality is no better than a Polo and lags behind MINI. Seems even more over priced now.
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    AVW Autocentre Edinburgh

    Hello, Anyone have any experience of using this garage for servicing work? My A3 is needing a service (oil and inspection). Audi Edinburgh are quoting a best price of £250, this garage will charge £140. This includes (in their words) "update your...
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    Facelift Edinburgh independent servicing

    Can anyone recommend a place that does independent servicing at a reasonable price? Ideally I would like them to be able to update the Audi online service record. Thanks.
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    Facelift List of things to be done at service.

    My 1.0tfsi is reporting that it needs its first oil and inspection service in about 3000 miles. If there anywhere online that lists the jobs that need to be carried out? I may well go independent but want all required items serviced to protect the warranty. Thanks
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    Facelift 1.0TFSI.

    Now done about 550 miles in my wee sowing machine and I am mightily impressed. My last 2 cars were a Cooper and Cooper S - both with more power. The wee 1 litre is no slouch and Audi have got the gearing and tuning spot on in terms of making this a great car to drive day to day. Even more...
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    Facelift Change to flexible from fixed servicing

    Despite telling my dealer explicitly that I wanted my new A3 on flexible servicing the MMI display shows that an oil service is due at 9000 miles or 365 days. I have off course complained but can I change this function myself? It appears I can reset the oil change indicator via the MMI...
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    Facelift Servicing regimes.

    Hello, Could someone in the know explain how long life servicing works? I read on another thread that the car can ask for an oil change and shortly after this an inspection. Is this the norm? Sounds a real pain. I have just asked the dealer to make sure my car is on long life. So advise...
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    Facelift Music Options

    What ways can I play music in my FL A3 with standard set up please? I use a USB memory stick in my MINI. Will that work and will album art appear on the screen? What other options do I have? Don't want to use my phone. Thanks!
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    Facelift De-badging

    My car arriving soon was specced by the dealer and I could not amend it. I might take the badges off the back (A3 & TFSI) to make it look clean and to make it easier to clean. Anyone done this, any tips? Ta!
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    Roadside Assistance

    Does a new A3 come with 3 years roadside assistance for free? My wife's Skoda does but when I had a golf about 8 years ago it was only 1 year? Thanks!
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    Golf Clubs?

    Any golfers on the forum? Will a set of clubs fit in the boot of an A3 3 door or will I need to drop a back seat? The boot looks huge compared to my MINI but I am not sure if my clubs will fit. Thanks!
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    Facelift Newbie - FL A3 ordered

    Hello - first post! Just ordered an A3, my first Audi having owned 5 MINIs. It is a totally standard A3 SE 1.0TFSI in solid black (hard work I know but I love black cars). Audi are doing some great PCP offers on these cars and I have always fancied an Audi. Car is one destined for dealer...