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    S4 side skirts removal

    As above really how are the sideskirts removed from a B9 S4 saloon? Are they just held on with double-sided tape or are they clipped on somewhere Aswell?
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    S4 inspection, what's included?

    My s4 is coming up to 2 years old so due an inspection and oil change, what else is changed minus the oil and filter? Reason I've asked is audi will match a quote within 10miles but need the quote to have a list of oem parts on it that will be changed so need to give the garage this list
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    Quattro and tyre tread difference

    I remember at one time you couldn't have much tread difference between the front and rear tyres due to it possibly damaging the diff, is that still the same with modern quattro systems?
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    S4 wheel colour match

    As above really, has anyone found a colour that matches the standard s4 wheel? Want to to abit of touching up
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    S4 U060B fault code

    Couple of days ago I was driving and got an error on the dash asking me to contact the workshop, got it home and left it over night next day it was fine, then again today I was driving under normal conditions and again the error popped up, this time I scanned it with my torque Pro app and the...
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    S4 WiFi issue

    Had my audi s4 for about 5 months and never really got round to trying the built in WiFi, decided id give it a go today, so searched for it on my galaxy s7 and connected to it using the code on the mmi screen, issue I have is nothing really seems to work, any Internet messaging doesn't come...
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    B9 s4 whooshing noise

    Now bare with me I know the title isn't the best haha, had a resonator delete done on my s4 saloon on Monday, all was fine apart from it being louder than I'd like, but last night driving home from work I put my foot down and got a loud whooshing noise at about 4k and up, did it in all modes and...
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    B9 s4 exhaust photo request

    As above really, I'm after a photo of the full standard exhaust on a s4 saloon, I'm looking at having the resonator cut out and was just wondering what was involved, cheers