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    I've had an S3 for the day.

    My RS3 has been back to the dealers with noisy rear suspension and as the title suggests I've been given an S3 saloon with pretty much every option except pan roof and led lights. On the configurator it comes out to be around £41,500 rrp. The RS3 takes a right bashing by current S3 owners so I...
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    Polish and Glow, Manchester

    Like many of us this time of year our pride and joys are looking a little worse for wear with all this rain we've been having and probably like most of I CBA to go outside and get wet washing it. I'd heard about Polish and Glow from the events they hold and had been checking them out on...
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    New nardo RS3

    I'll start the story from the beginning. I had a 2014 '64 a3 s-line 2.0tdi but after leaving uni landed myself a pretty decent job with the company I had been an intern with. It's a well paying job on an s3 was on the cards. I visited my local dealer a month ago and was talked into test driving...
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    I've had a Mini JCW for the afternoon.

    Yes, yes, yes I know its not an Audi but sometimes its nice to see what else is out there and get out of the Audi bubble. Firstly, I had a quick test drive in one yesterday and liked it and luckily at work we work closely with a local BMW dealer and managed to get my hands on a F56 JCW for a...
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    Wax applicator pad

    I recently ordered some megs style wax applicator pads from China off eBay. They arrived today after about 10 days and I'm pretty impressed. There not as dense as the megs ones but at 99p for 10 great for things like applying tyre gel etc.
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    @rs4tdi documentary

    Im sure many of us know Wayne Simpson aka @rs4tdi on instagram and his modified r8 v10, rs6, s3 and q5 well this is a short documentary about him and his cars. Worth a watch!
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    McLaren 650s 'detail'

    Hello, I've just come across this on YouTube, I'm not sure how I'd feel about these guys having a go on my £350,000 super car. No sight of the two bucket method, doing multiple panels at once etc. it may well be bad editing as the soundtrack suggests but I'm not sure you'd edit those bits out.
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    Dash Cam Recommendation

    Hi all, On saturday I was very nearly the victim of 'cash for crash' (I think). One lane goes onto two at a set of lights then just after the lights it merges back to one lane. So there I am, the second car in the left lane car in front was an old pug 206, in the right hand lane pulls up a...
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    Glove box question?

    Hi, I've done a quick search and can't find the answer. Does anyone know what the little black clips are for inside the glove box? There on the part that folds down, not the sd card slot. I'll try and take a pic in the morning, I'm just really curious. Thanks.
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    My first detail using Gyeon Q2 Can Coat and thanks to Polished Bliss

    First want to thank Polished Bliss for their advice and expertise. Being at uni living in a flat and at home on the promenade with the Irish Sea and storms in winter it's a PITA to keep my car clean so wanted something to give good protection and mean I would be able to keep it at clean at uni...
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    Alloy wheel scratch, advice please!

    I was giving the car a clean this morning and noticed this, the picture looks worse than it is but you can only see it up close and just about feel it with your nail. I may be being paranoid but I've read all the reports on diamond cut wheels and how easy water can ingress and that's the last...
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    24 hours with my new a3

    I picked the car up yesterday, can't get over how happy I am with it!!! I've had a troubled relationship with my dealer that meant I didn't get the 'proper' handover treatment, it wasn't in the handover bay etc but personally I couldn't wait to leave. The car itself is a 2.0 150ps sline, the...
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    The Magical Email

    Guys, Just got the all important email from my salesman to say my car landed yesterday and I'm picking it up on Wednesday. I was surprised as I only received a letter on Wednesday saying the car had left the factory and to expect delivery in around 2 weeks. The only concern I'm going to have...
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    Dealership Delays

    Hi I'm having a god awful time with my dealer at the moment. I ordered my A3 on the 23/6 and the order form gave an estimated delivery date of 31/7. A few days later I got the call to say all the pcp stuff was fine but now the car should arrive mid august, this didn't really bother me as I...