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  1. audi80sport

    R8 on need for speed-carbon?

    im not much of a racing game fan and i dont know when this game came out but im dam sure i seen an R8 on it in the actual story line? can anyone say yes or no to this as its starting to annoy me now as my mate cant replay the story line on it and were the game out before the car?
  2. audi80sport

    and this thing didnt break how?
  3. audi80sport

    OMG!!! what a sound!
  4. audi80sport

    you gotta love love em for their games...
  5. audi80sport

    classic airplane moment...
  6. audi80sport

    and we get excited when our drains spill over!
  7. audi80sport

    whats the 'W' word you would love to shout? oh thats it W@NKER!!!! :lmfao::)
  8. audi80sport

    need help car crashed ooops!

    long shot but has anyone got any 1991 j plate 80... passenger side headlight front grill bit of metal trim that runs along bottom of lights plus other little bits if so how much and where do i go get them from you... cheers guys...jay
  9. audi80sport

    2l 80 sport need more from her...

    i got a 2 litre 91 j plate 80 sport. i really need to get more power from the engine and i need ideas as you cant fit k+n's to the air intake due to the injection system plus other difficult things. what else can i do? any superchargers or turbo chargers or anything!!! really need help on this...
  10. audi80sport

    a couple of things need help on?

    hi guys i got a 91 j 80 sport and the red brake disc with the shoes keeps flashing so a few seconds then going off but brakes are fine could it be another thing? and how the hell can i get more power from the lump of monkey metal sat under the bonnet?!?!?!? im sick and tired of being beaten...
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  12. audi80sport

    are they taking the p!ss with petrol prices now or what!!!!

    are the w@nkers in power of this going down hill fast country think we are that stupid we dont notice petrol prices going up every month!?! i mean do they think "well they still buy it so it must be affordable...lets put it up some more!" what a bunch of t@ssers!!! soon enough courier business...
  13. audi80sport

    hammond doesnt have much luck does he? :rtfm:
  14. audi80sport

    jim davidson sinderella panto (warning bad language but funny as hell)

    part 9 (watch 1st skip song to about 3min 15sec well worth it) part 10 (you worked it out 2nd)
  15. audi80sport

    the ripsaw at alton towers has nothing on this... :respekt::rockwoot::puke2: