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    1.8t non starter

    hi guys need some help diving as normal today stopped at the shop got back in it and nothing. shows 12-13v on dash fuel pump etc prime. not evan turning over, tried jump leads no luck, but pushed it and started got home turned it off and tried to start it again and nothing again any ideas cheers
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    1.8 t remap. & thermostat location

    hi guys, 2 questions: 1. is it possible/ worth a remap for economy on a 1.8t if so how much should it cost? 2. can someone point me in the right direction of the thermostat, as my heating dosnt get very warm cheers
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    Hello im new need a few bits of advise.

    right i could do with a few bits of help please guys, i have an a4 quattro sport 1.8t estate. need help with the following rear washer dosnt work, it pumps water into passenger foot well. is there a join near there or could it be a split? the boot you have to slam quite hard. the lip of boot...
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    Hello vag lovers .

    I have hallways owned VW's now I am work in my way up the Audi ladder. I have just brought an a4 on a w reg its a sport quattro estate 1.8t and I love it. I would like the newer shape at some point.