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    Anyone heard of camspeconline

    CAMSPEC - Audi, Volkswagen, Seat & Skoda Specialists - CAMSPEC - Audi, Volkswagen, Seat & Skoda Specialists Has anyone heard of this company?? there is an issue with the DSG box on the car I have recently purchased from a trader and to get it diagnosed he wants me to take it to the place above.
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    Bought an A3!

    Hi there guys, recently purchased an Audi A3 Sportback, 2.0L TDI DSG, so far so good! Not looking at doing much, maybe a remap to get a bit more power and MPG, other than that it's going to be a family wagon... On the lookout for a cloth arm rest... Thanks for looking.
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    So going to buy an A3...

    Hi there guys, I'm going to look at the following vehicle: AUDI A3 2007 AUTO DSG TDI SPORTBACK DIESEL R E D U C E D in London | Used Audi for sale | I have a few questions for the audi people out there, as I have no knowledge when it comes to anything Audi or remotely German. The...
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    Hi there! I am new to Audis and german cars in general! have been a jap performance car owner since I can remember, my last car being an Integra DC5. I am looking for an Audi A3 DSG TDI 5 door in the S Line variant. So far I have been advised to look out for fault injector wiring, pourous...