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    Audi A4 1.8T B6 Avant - EPC & terrible banging idle

    Hi All, I'm having some serious issues with my a4, the EPC light was coming on when getting to 2000rpm then if I ignore it and push through it goes into limp mode and eventually ultra limp (nothing there at all, but doesnt conk out). If I drove it below 2000rpm it was usable most of the time but...
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    I guess this is my Build thread - BEX Avant 1.8T Custom Inside

    Hey all, I've been meaning to to this for a while but never got round to it. I guess starting is the best way of committing huh! Kinda like marriage :p I bought the car back in 2013 for a good price, it was low priced as the cam belt hadnt been done and it was just over 70k. I drove it back...
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    Cylinder 1 problems AUM

    Hi all, After hours of fiddling, googling, head-scratching I really need your help. I have an AUM A3 1.8T 8L Previous owner sold it to me as they had no use for it and hadn't driven it since the cam belt snapped. He had the belt replaced and left it sat for 2 years. When I first got it, I...
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    Cool new app for driving enthusiasts
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    My Learn as I go to get this car running and modded build thread

    Hi, I've just bought another Audi A3 8L 1.8T, this time in a Blue Quattro flavour. (Selling the Silver one! Wife wont allow two projects!). I got it for a good price so couldn't resist. She needs a lot of work it seems but a good learning chance for me. I'll update this thread when I...
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    Aventador Crash - Moment of Impact

    Part of me feels the pain, the other part laughs.
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    1360HP !! - 1HP per kilo of weight! - KOENIGSEGG

    Preparing the 1360hp One:1 for its Debut
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    Audi Sport Quattro Concept reincarnated as a 690bhp hybrid

    Just seen this and thought I'd share here; A motor show without an Audi Concept car is like a Justin Bieber concert without awful music -- it's never gonna happen. So it'll come as no surprise to learn the German car maker is serving up a new offering, in the form of the Audi Sport Quattro...
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    The Mrs is finally getting rid of the Vauxhall Astra Exclusiv! - Now what Audi?

    Hi All, I've finally convinced the mrs to sell the Astra and get an Audi, so now I'm shopping with her requirements. I've got a 1.8T 2000 which she complains is 'old' and a 'boys car" (how dare!) I wanted to get some feedback from you lovely people. We can get 6k for the astra so around that...
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    Some Cool A3 Videos to share

    I thought I'd start the ball rolling with some cool A3 videos; Audi S3 R32 Turbo - YouTube - S3 R32 Turbo, this thing flies!! Audi S3 2.1lt Turbo 700 HP - YouTube - 700hp? hmm
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    Car alarm + keyfob issue

    Hi there, My car alarm went off as I left a window slightly open, I tried turning it off with the keyfob as normal and nothing happened, naturally I **** myself and tried all kinds of things. Eventually after pressing the button by the drivers side post and locking by hand it's turned off. Now...
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    So after trawling the internet and browsing lots of forums - I chose

    Hi everyone, I am the proud new owner of my first Turbo, the Audi A3 1.8T (2000). I've been looking around for one of these thats been looked after for a long time, I finally found one! Granted she's been knocked on the left far side wing so needs some minor bodywork. The engine is MINT...